I like to think that in some swank office building somewhere there’s an Executive restroom for Men and a faggot urinal like this one whose sole job is to be pissed on and in by its Superiors all day long.

Leave the Real jobs to Real Men.

Faggots should be employed to do what they do best. SERVE.

As subhuman urinals.

As Cocksuckers.

As fuck-objects.

As Cumdumpsters.

As objects of abuse and humiliation.

In short, as whatever the fuck We REAL Men decide to use them as.

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  1. I like to think about that too Sir. Not with the same point of view of course. And I hope they need more than a faggot urinal but it’s not for a faggot to fuss and be honored by any fluids a real man seems us worthy of.

  2. Hello Masters and Sirs. As a toilet and piss faggot, i would love to be the office urinal. Would never call in sick and always show up to work early and ready to swallow piss from any man with a smile. Unpaid position of course done to serve all real men as it us supposed to be.

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