There should be special prisons for criminal faggots.

These prisons should be populated ONLY by faggots but connected with prisons occupied by Real Men.

The Real Men prisoners should be allowed access to the faggot prison to fuck, use, abuse and torment the faggot prisoners however they want and as much as they please.

Thus, by the time the faggot is released from prison it will totally reformed …

Into a true, obedient, broken, submissive faggot slave that mentally carries its prison with it for the rest of its meager life.

A faggot that has transformed into a contributing member of society because it now exists solely and exclusively to serve Real Men.

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One thought on “FAG PRISON

  • AmoGerman

    In my opinion, as Alpha Male; there is no point in separating the prisons, as that would provide a “temporary safe space” for the fags. I would be inclined to modify the design of the prisons.

    To avoid saturation in prisons, during the night inmates should be separated by rank. Traditional cells for 4, 6, or 8 prisoners would remain the same for alphas; but the space could be used if the hallway houses a 3.5 to 5 foot deep pit divided by small walls to create communal cages to store the fags. The upper grating would serve as a floor for both the watchers and the alphas. Although this would involve building higher floors, it would increase the capacity of the prison housing that uses both 1 and 2 row models of cells. This model would keep order at night; but it would allow alphas to humiliate, spit, and urinate on fags. It would also allow that at the beginning of the day, the alphas have priority for feeding time, and the fags have to wait for the leftovers.

    I would recommend that the fags stay naked overnight to reduce costs in cleaning uniforms; but during the day, they must wear a different uniform from the rest of the inmates. I recommend one similar to that of those sentenced to death; one piece, short legs and sleeveless. The image first of all, we do not want to attract problems with prison rights organizations.

    Perhaps this provision appears to preclude the sexual use of fags by alphas at night; But here are two important points: 1-Alphas are still prisoners. 2-Not having fags available at night can help detect false alphas that are occupying a space in the cells. Also, the day is full of opportunities to use and humiliate fags.

    Finally, and as expected, the fags will be in charge of cleaning the facilities; that with this model it would have some complexity. The priority regarding the cleaning of the facilities would be the following: corridor bars, cells, common spaces and finally the communal cells of the fags.

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