Some faggots “pass” as Real Men through the day. They’ve fooled their girlfriends, their buddies, and even try to fool themselves.

But in the end, it’s all in vain.

Like every other kind of faggot they NEED Cock. They NEED Cum.

They want to be fucked and used like the sluts, holes, and Cumdumpsters they really are.

So they feed their faggot need on the side, hooking up on the Downlow …

Quickies at parks, public restrooms, Gloryholes, and in the back of cars.

Taking anonymous Loads down their faggot throats and up their faggot cunts.

At least that’s how it starts …

The more Cock and Cum they get, the more they need.

The addiction grows.

Eventually they get careless. Their secret is discovered.

The sham of their fake lives falls apart and all that remains is the truth: that they are nothing but faggot whores and that’s all they will ever be.

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  • MNsissyfaggotalliej

    This is so true! I took loads down my throat and up my fag cunt for years, passing as a REAL man.
    After being completely outed by my ex to her family during divorce and having coworkers find pics etc of me on Craigslist, I said to hell with it all and began sissification and feminization.
    It’s truly liberating and I love that everyone sees and knows I’m a faggot sissy gurl for men.
    Actually saw my ex and her mom at wedding recently, my tits were poking thru my shirt and my feminine curves we so obvious…the bitch wanted a hug, I hugged her and slammed my tits into her…shoulda saw her and her cunt mother run lmao

  • Faggotlord

    This is so true, I’ve been very successful at sucking cocks on the sly and making out to guys masturbating and fuking them up the ass until one day i slipped up and the faggot in me saw this beautiful guy at work. His voice keep giving me erections and I couldn’t help myself long story short I got outed as a faggot at work.

  • SissyJenny

    It’s so true. Once you had the taste of cum you need more and more of it…and you can’t stop it

  • suboy

    Being a fag on the DL gets faggot’s throat-pussy more superior Straight Cock injections than if faggot were living otherwise. The truth is what Straight Man wants to be associated with a faggot? Although it is a Straight Man’s right to use a faggot, due to social stigmas most Straight Men don’t. Being on the DL gets faggot that Cock which she otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. And isn’t that what every faggot so desperately needs – Straight Cock?

  • Hot4urload

    I couldn’t make a better description than you did about describing what a faggot on the downlow is all about. You nailed it. I’m one of those so called straight acting in the closet cumhungry cocksucking faggot! All my life I hide my dirty little secret from everyone in my life. Through the years I had dated many girls. Hiding my hunger for a hard cock from all of them. All my friends have no idea that I’m a cocksucker. So many times when we are out drinking. We call each other a cocksucker and faggots as we make jokes and laugh about it. I always wonder what they might think about me if they found out that im a faggot. To hide my secret life style from them all. I learned how to at a young age. I started cruising all the public men’s bathrooms in the mall. Sitting in the stalls. Tapping my feet to the guys in the stalls next to me. As I wait for some random strangers to put his cock under my stall. I would spend hours everyday sucking as many cocks that came under the bathroom stalls. Feeding my hungry for the taste of his cock. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock getting harder and thicker as I got a huge mouthful of his hot thick load of sperm to swallow. I was a cum dumpster for guy’s to use and feed my throat. I swallowed everyone’s cum. Day after day I would suck and swallow a good 10- 20. Cocks.

  • Hot4urload

    I went from straight to a faggot the first time I wrapped my lips around a cock and swallowed his cum. I was hooked on cock and cum. All I thought about was sucking my next cock and swallowing cum. I didn’t want anyone to find out what I was doing. I’m not gay. I’m into girls. I don’t want to be called a faggot. Not cool.

    I started to jerkoff thinking about the last cock I sucked.

    Everyday I spend a few hours cruising public men’s bathrooms in the mall and sucking cock after cock under the stall . I was a cum dumpster for anyone to use before I went home for the night. I would stick my cock under the stall and let a person I never met before suck my cock off.

    I remember how hot my cock felt in his mouth I could see my reflection on the bathroom wall as some guy is sucking my cock. I would give him a mouthful of cum to swallow.

    Once I blew my load. I quickly got up and ran out of the bathroom. I was ashamed and embarrassed of what I was doing. I was having risky sex with random stranger’s in public bathrooms. What if someone walked in and caught me. People have to know that guys are having sex in here. What if the cops walks in. My name would be in the paper. Then everyone would find out about my secret lifestyle.

    But the thrill of having risky sex only made me more and more horny.

    I was 19 when I finally had my first girlfriend. We fucked all the time. I would always think about all the cocks that I sucked when we were fucking. She would let me use her car when she was working. I would have the next 6 hours to cruise for cocks to suck. Everyday I started cruising all the public bathrooms in the mall. Sucking everyone’s hard cock under the stalls. When you hear someone walked in. We quickly got up and sat there and wait for him to leave.

    But lots of them were also cruising. They would look at you from the crack in the stall door and wouldn’t leave. So the only choice was to let him watch me sucking a cock under the stall. I started to enjoy guy’s watching me sucking cock. We all knew that I’ll be sucking his cock next. Most times I sucked about 10 to 15 guys off. Once it slowed down.

    I got into my girlfriend’s car and cruised local parks to find more cocks to suck and swallow cum. I would jump into cars to suck cock. The bathroom didn’t have any doors on the stalls so everyone walking in could see what your doing. They were cruising like I was. So I would lick my lips and let them watch me jerking on my cock. Once they pulled out his cock. I started to suck his cock. All I wanted was to suck cock and swallow cum. I really didn’t care about what he looked like or how old he was. Or if others were watching me. If only the guys I’m friends with could see me sucking a old man’s cock.

    I would usually suck around 10 guys off in the park. My last stop was the 3 local porn stores before I had to pick my girlfriend up from work. I spent the last hour in the back video booths sucking more and more hard cocks. Getting my face fucked by random stranger’s. I love to be used. I was everyone’s cum dumpster. Guys would watch me sucking cock as they jerkoff. I love to look at them. Put on a good show for them to watch. Sometimes they walk in and join us as I suck each other’s cock. Or wait to be next to feed me his cock. Before I had to pick up my girlfriend. I let someone suck my cock off.

    By the time my girlfriend was done work. I would have sucked 20 cocks and swallowed every load of cum at least 5 days each week. I never got caught by someone who knows me.

    One of the hottest sex I had in the back video booths was when I was about 22 and sniffing poppers as I let this old troll have his way with me as he fucks my ass bareback. In front of 2 guys watching me getting fucked by a guy who was 50 years older than I was. If only the girls I dated found out what a nasty faggot I really was.

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