Some faggots “pass” as Real Men through the day. They’ve fooled their girlfriends, their buddies, and even try to fool themselves.

But in the end, it’s all in vain.

Like every other kind of faggot they NEED Cock. They NEED Cum.

They want to be fucked and used like the sluts, holes, and Cumdumpsters they really are.

So they feed their faggot need on the side, hooking up on the Downlow …

Quickies at parks, public restrooms, Gloryholes, and in the back of cars.

Taking anonymous Loads down their faggot throats and up their faggot cunts.

At least that’s how it starts …

The more Cock and Cum they get, the more they need.

The addiction grows.

Eventually they get careless. Their secret is discovered.

The sham of their fake lives falls apart and all that remains is the truth: that they are nothing but faggot whores and that’s all they will ever be.

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  1. This is so true! I took loads down my throat and up my fag cunt for years, passing as a REAL man.
    After being completely outed by my ex to her family during divorce and having coworkers find pics etc of me on Craigslist, I said to hell with it all and began sissification and feminization.
    It’s truly liberating and I love that everyone sees and knows I’m a faggot sissy gurl for men.
    Actually saw my ex and her mom at wedding recently, my tits were poking thru my shirt and my feminine curves we so obvious…the bitch wanted a hug, I hugged her and slammed my tits into her…shoulda saw her and her cunt mother run lmao

  2. This is so true, I’ve been very successful at sucking cocks on the sly and making out to guys masturbating and fuking them up the ass until one day i slipped up and the faggot in me saw this beautiful guy at work. His voice keep giving me erections and I couldn’t help myself long story short I got outed as a faggot at work.

  3. Being a fag on the DL gets faggot’s throat-pussy more superior Straight Cock injections than if faggot were living otherwise. The truth is what Straight Man wants to be associated with a faggot? Although it is a Straight Man’s right to use a faggot, due to social stigmas most Straight Men don’t. Being on the DL gets faggot that Cock which she otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. And isn’t that what every faggot so desperately needs – Straight Cock?

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