Who’s this site for?

Self-identified faggots who crave being treated like garbage.

Alpha Men. Masters, Mistresses and women who enjoy treating faggots like garbage. 

Who is The Master?

A projection of your dark faggot desires. A Man and a hologram. A reality and a fiction. A mirror and a mindfucker. A reality hacker, a charlatan, a teller of hard truths, a peddler of smut. An artist of dark desires, a poet of depraved Lust.

Faggots find in Me what they need to find.

What is a faggot?

‘Faggot’ is a shifting, evolving, and fluid term reflecting the fact that faggots experience their faggotry in different ways. In broad strokes, faggots are biological males that are or aspire to be …

Cock-worshipers: fags love sucking Cock. Even seeing a Man’s bulge makes fags weak in the knees. They worship Cock (as well they should). It’s an obsession.

Sluts/Cumwhores: fags love taking Loads, orally, in the cunt, or both. It’s an addiction. They tend to be indiscriminate “No Loads Refused” Cumdumpster sluts too.

Slavish: fags love serving, submitting to, and being used by Alpha Men. Whether in reality, fantasy, or both fags love Masculine Power and fetishize submitting themselves to it. In fact, “faggot” can also be interpreted as a specific type of slave within the larger BDSM scene.

Gluttons for Punishment: fags love being treated like inferior garbage by Alpha Men. Called names, spat on, pissed on , slapped around, humiliated, etc.

In addition, there are many subset of faggots based on attitude, desires, experience, fantasy, and fetish. Sissy fags, pup fags, gimp fags, urinal fags, and so on. Even these often overlap.

Do you hate fags/are you homophobic?

No and no.

Why would I hate My cash cows and favorite pleasure objects?

On this site “faggot” and “Gay” are NOT synonymous. While many–probably most–fags are technically homo, there are plenty of hetro fags too. Same with Alphas.

What Is An Alpha?

An Alpha is a “Real Man,” as opposed to a faggot. We are those who faggots exist to serve.

Is this a lifestyle site or a fantasy site?

Perhaps both. It depends on the faggot and the Alpha.

As for My writing … also perhaps both. You’ll never know. 

I often explore the intersection of fantasy and reality … for the thrill/art of it. As a radical free speech advocate I also think it’s important to push the boundaries of online freedom of expression by blurring lines between fantasy and reality whenever possible. This is more important now than ever because there’s a very real war being waged against online freedom of expression, especially in the realm of smut.  

Update 2021 – Big Brother authoritarianism, including through Big Tech, and Big Banking, are in the process of ending free speech as we know it. Sites like are unlikely to survive their tyrannical culling.

And after porn is controlled, then everything else. And only sites that tell you precisely what the ruling Silicone Valley Elite want you to hear will be allowed.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. So eat, jack, and be merry because tomorrow you’re a slave.

What should the line be between fantasy and reality?

A common sense, informed, legal, and consensual one. Duh.

Other than that, I say blur those boundaries as far as you like, faggot. Your body, your choice. 

What’s FinDom?

Financial Domination. On this site it’s where fags give Me money (“Tribute” or “Fag Tax”) because I tell them to with nothing expected in return except, perhaps, insults and mockery. For faggots this can be an especially thrilling form of humiliation, an expression of obedience, or both.

Be advised: 1. Tribute is NOT an exchange for money or services. It’s always a gift. 2. Only I may extract Tribute on My site. If other Alphas want to get fag Tribute, they can build their own sites.

What’s your take on safe sex?

Boring. Stupid. 

What do you think about Stealthing?

I think it’s a hot fantasy, but best left that way. As for Me, I inform fags that I’m not using a condom, so there’s no reason to stealth.

What do you think about HIV/POZ fetish, Bug Chasers, etc.

Hella Hot. Fucked up too. Many extreme fetishes are that way: they’re seemingly fucked up coping mechanisms that often, paradoxically, empower the fetishist. I also think that 99% of the time it’s just fantasy anyway, so people need to chill and not get so hysterical and judgmental on fags who are chasing or who say they are. Like most extreme fantasies, it’s just that. 

A lot of your writing seems “rapey.” Why?

It’s kinda ridiculous that it even needs to be said but OBVIOUSLY neither I nor this site encourages, condones or endorsees rape.  But let’s be fucking honest, most fags, and most Alphas, fantasize about hardcore, extreme sex all the damn time. The question–spoken or not–that makes so many of us Alphas hard, and faggot’s wet, comes down to: “Can you rape the willing?” Exploring the answers to this–in words, fantasies, stories, images, or our own bodies–is HOT. Power is hot. Submission is hot. But don’t be a dumbfuck: obviously I don’t advocate real rape or anything approach it. 

Update 2021 – After cancel culture went after PornHub this gave authoritarians from government, Big Tech, and Big Banking just the excuse they need to gain even MORE control over the internet.

Now they are prohibiting words. Among others, the word “rape” is now Streng Vorbotten. Keep that in mind when posting.

Why are you so mean?

Because I can be. And because My faggots would expect nothing less.

You’d know that if you weren’t a stupid, inferior, lowlife, loser, piece of shit.


See. Didn’t hearing that make your little faggot clit hard?

What are the site rules?


And OBEY them or get banned.

Also see the Terms of Service.

What if I’m offended by something you write here?

Maybe you should find yourself a safe space so you don’t melt under the hot light of free speech, snowflake.

I.E. “Fuck off, cunt.”