I know how you faggot whores think.

You see this gif and can’t help but imagine …

That instead of his hands, it’s your cunt that’s backed up onto that massive uncut Cock.

You can almost feel him inside of you, driving deep.

You want his Cum to flood your faggot cunt, your whore body.

You don’t need to know who he is, or see his face.

All that matters is Cock and Cum.

All that matters is being USED for a Man’s pleasure, like a slut.

Like a Cumwhore.

It’s the way you think, because it’s what you are and all that you will ever be: A FAGGOT.

Embrace it.

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8 thoughts on “HOW FAGS THINK

    1. u understand that ur purpose in life is to be a faggot cockhole for real men, that your only real value is to satisfy real mens cocks, after all, all that matters is my cock

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