I have a lot of fags asking me the best ways of presenting themselves when approaching an Alpha.
Here are 5 ways you faggots should be doing it:

1. Approach Appropriately

Make sure the time, place, and environment are right.

Do not bother him if he is around others unless the location is appropriate, such as at a gay bar, bathhouse, or gloryhole.

2. Address Him Properly

Do not ask for a first name or personal details.

When a fag speaks to an Alpha, the fag should refer to the Alpha as Sir, Master, or something as equally appropriate.

These terms will signal your intent to serve to him.

3. Never Demand

A fag should never make a statement that resembles a demand or order to an Alpha. The fag should always leave the decision making to the Alpha.

There is a difference between:

“I want to suck your dick” versus “May I suck your dick, Sir” or even “I would love to offer you release, Sir.”

The first one is wrong because no Alpha cares about what a fag wants.

The second and third options are correct because the fag is offering their service and leaving the next step, the decision making, to the Alpha.

The faggot may also make a more submissive statement such as “My holes are yours to use, Sir,” again leaving it up to the Alpha to decide how to proceed.

The Alpha commands, the faggot obeys.

4. Always Be Thankful

An Alpha can use any number of fags, but if he chose you, be fucking grateful. The appropriate response to any action by the Alpha is always “Yes, Sir. Thank you.”

5. Never Challenge

In the animal kingdom, locking eyes is a direct challenge. When a faggot approaches an Alpha, they should do so head bowed, eyes on the ground, and with a clear voice that directly expresses their intention. This leaves the decision making for how to proceed in the Alpha’s hands.

As a faggot, you are not allowed to communicate to an Alpha the way you might communicate with your peers because we are above you at all times. Remember this, faggots.

You now know your use.

Failure to try is trying to fail.

No excuses.

This Alpha has spoken.

Comment below, fags.

14 thoughts on “HOW TO SPEAK TO AN ALPHA

  • maidmarsha

    Sir, am i allowed to look a superior male in the eyes while on my knees sucking his manly penis?

    • AlphaUSN

      faggots aren’t mind readers, and most Alphas understand this. so if you have a question, ask him. also, pay attention to his cues. if you look at him and he looks away, then don’t make eye contact, things like that.
      personally, i always expect my fags to look me in the eyes because i love to see the lust in their eyes.

    • slave 348

      As another faggot, its answer is yes. Only when His cock is in its faggot mouth, He is about to cum or cumming does it ever look a superior in the eyes.

  • sissysarahkneels

    Thank you AlphaUSN for these clear and complete rules. faggots are inferior and should know all this instinctively, in their fag bones, but some may still be learning and sissy is sure SIR has encountered dumb faggots who don’t quite know their place. All fags should memorize these, they are all good reminders for faggots in general. sissy fag is grateful for SIR’s wisdom.

    Also fags, eyes always down, out of respect , but look the man in the eyes when His cock is in your whore mouth…

  • FatAssVegasFag

    There is nothing better than looking into a Man’s eyes while I am sucking him or, even better, if I am on my back while being fucked. It is an awesome feeling to see the superiority, the masculinity, the desire to use my holes. But I always ask first. Of course, often I am told to look at a Man, because he wants to see the effect he is having on his fag. Even though it’s nothing more than a need to cum vs. a need to serve, it can, in fleeting moments, feel special to me; as Fagmaster has said, a Man chose me to use and I am grateful every time.

    • Looking4headNYC

      A fag should never assume eye contact is appropriate. Eyes down in deference to His Superiority until and unless He orders it to look at Him. If fag has had previous encounters with a specific Alpha than that order may be assumed from past experiences, but expect punishment if it is wrong. I enjoy instructing a fag to look at the magnificent Penis it is worshipping and see close up the power of My Cock in action. I also enjoy the eye contact and seeing the submission lust and obedience in its eyes as it pleasures My Cock.
      As always, it is the Alpha’s choice.

  • kindredfaggot

    Wow, Master! These are of crucial importance, thank You for being so generous in sharing with us faggots! I hope once more places are open that I can fully put these techniques to use!

  • walthole

    Thank you sir for the explanation.

  • Pupmex

    Very useful information Sir. Thank You

  • fagslave75

    Sir, This faggot has the habit of never looking an Alpha in the eyes. Weather talking to Them, approaching Them, or having sex with Them, it always takes a submissive stance by looking below the nose or lower. it has been known to stare at an Alpha’s crotch or feet when being introduced to Them for the first time to allow Them to take control of the situation. This also allows Them to know that it knows what its place is in regard to the Alpha’s position in the hierarchy of M/males, Sir.

    • AlphaUSN

      you’re obviously doing it right.
      we Alphas know when someone’s looking at our crotch too, so go ahead and stare; it might get you what you want.

  • FatAssVegasFag

    I do what the Man says. If he demands I look at him, I do. I decide nothing.

  • socksfagboy

    Thank You Sir for these amazing advises

  • queery

    Glorious. Thank you Sir. This fag is humbled by your generosity in instructing us.

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