The primary focus of My writing and teaching is in guiding faggots to understand their proper place and purpose in life as sexual objects that exist for Men to use as Cocksuckers, fuck objects, and playthings. It is to awaken faggots to their nature as fuck-holes, sluts, Cumdumpsters and natural whores.

The question may be asked, then, what does humiliating and degrading faggots have to do with this? Why is it good to degrade, demean, and humiliate faggots?

Here’s why, whores . . .


In its “normal” life a faggot, like most others, is accustomed to being self-involved:

It talks with others about its likes and dislikes.

It shares its opinions on social media.

It makes decisions about how to spend its time based on its own desires.


When a faggot enters into its more authentic, true, faggot self–when it serves Men like a faggot is meant to–this kind of self-involvement simply will not do. It runs counter to everything it MEANS TO BE A FAGGOT.

The likes and dislikes of a faggot don’t matter.

It has no worthwhile opinions.

It spends its time serving Cock, and satisfying Alpha desires.


Self-involvement undermines a faggot’s focus, and even the quality of its sexual service. For example, the faggot may be “self-conscious” about whether or not it is a good Cocksucker. This causes the faggot to get nervous, which in turn causes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the faggot starts to suck clumsily, displeasing the Man it is serving.

Worse still, self-involvement can cause the faggot to forget its primary function and neglet its faggot duties entirely. Going to a movie it wants to see on Saturday night instead of going to the Gloryhole to suck off random Men like it’s supposed to.

Humiliation helps break this tendency of self-involvement, or at least put it in check. It helps condition the faggot to BE a faggot. An object. A hole. A whore. A bitch. A slave . . .

A un-selfed plaything for Alphas.


What a faggot likes or lives is irrelevant to Me. But you faggots DO love being treated like fucking garbage, and this is important because it is telling. You lowlife whores crave humiliation, degradation, and abuse. You want demeaned, and constantly reminded of your inferiority.

It feels entirely right and natural to you when We Alphas call you names, spit on your, piss on your, and make you entertain us with your perverse displays of faggot depravity.

This humiliation hunger is powerful evidence that you are NOT a Normal no matter how well you may be able to pass as one in your “normal life.”

If Normals knew your dirty secret they’d assume you were filled with self-loathing.

They would be wrong.

You’re filled with faggot awareness. You know what you really are and what your primary life function is. You are a faggot. And your primary life function is to serve Superior Men.

Humiliation, then, represents a moment of freedom for you. A vacation from that other life, and affirmation of TRUER life. Your reprobate faggot life.


Of course all that I’ve written so far is merely academic. The most important reason for humiliating you faggots, is that it pleases Us Alphas to do so. It is amusing to viciously tyrannize over you pathetic lowlifes . . . To order you to degrade and demean yourselves like clownish jesters.

We snap our Kingly fingers and you bitches dance:

You scrawl degrading words over your whore bodies.

You sissify yourselves and prance about in women’s panties.

You kneel and open wide as urinals for our piss, or spittoons for our spit.

You lick toilets.

You lick our boots.

The lows to which you’ll stoop to degrade yourself for our cruel entertainment is only limited to Our creativity and whim.

The very fact that you welcome such humiliations is proof that you DESERVE such humiliations.

Yes, it pleases us to remind you of this.

Click. Buy. Learn. Emulate. Faggots.


  1. The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as something that is too degrading for a faggot. Alphas, who, of course, are Real Men, cannot even imagine or conceive of a humiliation that a faggot does not deserve, and thrive on. While Alphas enjoy humiliating faggots, every faggpot knows that humiliation is merely validation of its purpose in life.

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