4 thoughts on “LESSONS FOR FAGS: CUM

  1. Some days I struggle with all this. Call it faggot denial I suppose. But on days I’m particularly horny…another reason I know I need to be locked…the idea of being nothing more than a set of holes for real alpha men to use for their pleasure. Until I’m literally covered in cum, so much cum that I’m almost unrecognizable. Cum dripping off my chin, down my thighs…both my cunt holes swollen from use. One of the men tells me to get the fuck out…I start to try raise up off the floor…then I hear him add “as soon as you lick all that cum off the floor faggot!” The men laughing at me. Humiliated, but I don’t have to be told twice and I start licking the floor cleaning up all the drops of cum that dripped on it.
    So yeah, I’m not sure why some days I struggle with this. Deep down inside I know I’m nothing more than a cum receptacle. I just have to accept my destiny.

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