There are so many lowlife faggots on FagMaster.com now that I don’t have time to mock, insult, instruct and abuse them all. So I’ve decided it’s time to welcome fellow Alphas into the site.

In fact, My vision has long been to make FagMaster.com a community for both true faggots and true Alphas.

The first step was attracting the best faggots.  You lowlife fag scum have come, and keep coming.


Now the time is ripe to welcome in the best Alphas. To bring the Alpha flame to My faggot minion moths.


Alphas, like fags, can join for free but will have the same restrictions. I may also shortly be changing WHAT areas and content are and aren’t restricted.

There is now a profile option for Alpha or faggot. Update your profiles, bitches.

To honor your Superior Alphas you faggots can, and SHOULD, offer to buy them Full Alpha Access. I will prob add an option for faggots to purchase gift memberships later. Until then you faggots can message Me on site to telling Me which Alpha(s) you wan to honor with Full Alpha Access, and I will give you instructions on how to do it.

You’ll find both full membership options HERE or when you click on any restricted areas.

WARNING! If you’re not already registered on the site JOIN FOR FREE FIRST. If you try to go full member before being a free member I’ll have to set it up manually which may take a few days and you’ll be SOL until then.

Now, fellow Alphas and slavish faggot whores  … let’s make this a true community, and school, for faggot training and humiliation … not to mention Alpha tyranny and amusement.

Spread the word.


  1. Great that us Alphas are now welcome to join! It’s so important to humiliate, degrade and expose worthless faggot fuckpigs. They are scum and they should be treated as such. I’ll have a lt of fun on your page, dear Fagmaster, and I’m looking forward to exchanging views with fellow Alphas and humiliating stupid sissy fags.

  2. this cock sucking fuck slut cum dump sissy bitch faggot whore loves it that there will now be Alphas here on the site. this cock sucking fuck slut cum dump sissy bitch faggot whore wants nothing more than more Alphas to serve and service.

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