It is good to sometimes equip your faggot with a funnel. This pic shows the most common use: For turning your faggot into a Piss-guzzling subhuman urinal.

But don’t forget …

The funnel is also useful for having groups of Men jack Loads into the faggot mouth, and into its cunt, when you don’t want to touch the faggot but still wish to use it as a Cumhole.

Because faggots crave Cock, the occasional use of a funnel in this way reminds the faggot that its desires and pleasure are irrelevant.

It reinforces in the faggot the truth that it is merely a thing to be used.

A hole for piss.

A hole for Cum.

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7 thoughts on “PISS FUNNEL FAGGOTS

  1. I enjoy pissing on the fags face myself. But making it drink piss is good obedience training. After all I may want to piss down its throat before or after I fuck it and cum in it.

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