By nature you faggots love, crave, and NEED Cock. In your mouths, in your cunts, or both.

By nature you faggots love, crave, and NEED Cum. In your mouths, in your cunts, or both.

By nature you faggots love, crave, and NEED Piss. In your mouths, in your cunts, or both.

By nature you faggots are filthy whores.

But while most of you lowlife fags love all three … in most cases one of these three draws you more than the others down the dark and depraved pit of faggot whoredome and depravity.

Cock, Cum, or Piss.

Being a Cockwhore, a Cumwhore, or a Pisswhore.

If you are confused–as stupid faggots usually are–simply imagine that you could only do one of these three things: Suck a Cock, that never Cums. Drink Cum that never runs out. Or guzzle Man-Piss to your fill.

Reflect on this and choose, faggots.

After taking the poll remember to comment below, whores.

Are You More Of A Cockwhore, Cumwhore, or Pisswhore?


  1. I remember the day I became obsessed with cum shooting into my mouth. It was with a friend who had been leading me to that moment for years. That day he held my head down and told me to stay when he came, instead of spraying it into a towel like he always did. I froze and was too afraid to even swallow. When he was done, I looked up at him and saw on his face that he knew what I was thinking. I was worried that if I spit it out he’d be offended, and I was terrified that if I swallowed his cum in would be committed to forever being a cocksucking faggot. I swallowed, and his face changed from curious to pity and lust. He felt bad for me and turned on. And I was a mix of ashamed and totally electrified.

    1. This was a tough one, and almost makes me wish I could re-vote. I love Cock SO much, whether its sucking it or getting fucked by it, or kneeling in front of it waiting. But of course, theultimate goal IS that HOT, creamy cumload. I love the taste and the feel. I love when it’s running out of my ass. Oozing out. I love when its sprayed on my lips and face. I love CUM!

    1. This faggot pig has craved cum since it was younger. Sucking cock is a means to an end. Eating a hot load is a reward allowed by the man it services. Drinking piss is both a convenience for the men it services and much needed degradation and humiliation for the pig.

  2. This one is incredibly difficult. I want all three as often as I can get them. I chose piss because I think it is more humiliating or degrading, especially in front of Sir’s friends and I NEED to be humiliated. If I can swallow a man’s piss and wear underwear soaked in his piss then I am complete.

  3. Sirs in this faggots thoughts… love the cock and then the piss and cum are the fruits of our lust and needs. plus a fag is to serve and no better way to serve than worshiping a True Man and His Man Cock.

  4. That is a tough one! I do wish for all of the above. But the feeling of a dick invading my throat, or my bowels takes first place, if only by a hair. But at the end of that I always hope the will fill me with their cum as well. I love the taste and feeling of it, and most of all I want to know they have been satisfied. I welcome piss any time too, and it serves well as a fitting end to all the rest when a man uses me to get off, then just pisses on me before he leaves me there or kicks me out.

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