The truest, nastiest, of you lowlife faggot whores are such total Cum-addicts that you’ll take Loads ANY way you can get them.

Including from used condoms that you find in bath houses, adult bookstores, public restrooms, or anywhere else you can.

So let’s see how many of you scum actually go that far to satisfy your need for Seed.

Take the poll.

Then leave a comment below.

Do You Drink Cum From Used Condoms?

P-fucking-S: If you wanna prove to everyone how much of Cum addicted piece of faggot trash you are, check out the Used Condom Cum Challenge.


  1. i have picked up condoms off the street and eaten them, stuck my tongue inside, kept them in my mouth and sucked on them. i can’t resist. if i see one i immediately pick it up and look to see how much cum is inside then i eat it. if its dry i just suck on it. i love to do it in front of people, especially women.

    1. Finding a used condom is a great treat. It always wishes it could thank the Man that left His precious seed. If only He knew how much its whore faggot body rippled with pleasure while gargling, sipping, and savoring His cum. It enjoys saving some for later and using it for lube for its daily anal training. Too bad there’s not a website where it can buy some used condoms.

  2. It is expected from faggots to drink sperm out of any used cock snot bag.
    As a fag that respects hierarchy, i would ask for permission to suck the condom’s contents out and lick it clean.
    After i had swallowed all cum from it, i thanks for kindness.
    If the donor is a stranger catching fags in public toilets i just keep waiting until he goes out and then i dig through the trash for it.

  3. hallo bin karsten aus deutschland ,und ja ich lutsche gebrauchte kondome aus egal wo ich sie finde ,danach ziehe ich sie mir über meinen nutzlosen kleinen penis und spritze da noch eine ladung sperma rein .

    Hello I’m Karsten from Germany, and yes I suck used condoms from wherever I find them, then I pull them over my useless little penis and inject a load of sperm into me.

  4. i found my first used condom TODAY! i was getting in my car in the CVS parking lot at at my feet was a light pick used condom. i surreptitiously bent down, picked it up and got in my car. i sniffed it. It had no real scent to the outside, so i am guessing it was just used to jack off with. And then I saw the end was tied in a knot. It’s like this cum-filled condom was left as a gift.
    i am a little reticent to swallow the cum inside it…but tonight i am going to have a little solo ceremony…get a little high so that i make bad decisions, then i am going to worship the cum inside my first found condom and swallow it all like the faggot pig i am supposed to be!

    1. faggot @cyberpig

      This pleases Me, faggot.
      I’ve seen it countless times with you trash fags. Once you muster up the nerve to slurp down found condom Cum once, you’ll become a devoted condom farmer in an instant. Something about it seems to powerfully trigger the faggot instinct to total depravity.
      Post about what happened in the Used Condom Farmers group, whore.

  5. Yes faggot loves to drink cum from used condom,
    bath house is the best place, faggot finds quite of it,
    there’s cabins, and in cabins trash cans, ALPHA MEN throws condom away with HIS CUM in it, and faggot licks it off, sometimes comes with another faggot’s shit as a bonus, faggot would enjoy both of it.
    fishing condoms in trash can among all cum and shit soaked tissues, and rubbing it all over faggot’s face and body, smelling like CUM, MEN, SEX.

  6. i choose option one (YUM! Whenever I find a used condom I ALWAYS drink the Cum!) because several times my Wife and My Wifes’ Lovers-Masters ordered me to do that, and of course i did it, and i will do it each time. But i really dislike it, specially when They give me used condoms found in bathrooms, streets or places like that, used by unknown strangers. Is very difficult for me, and also very very humiliating.

    1. Cuckold loser faggot @subbeing
      It pleases and amuses Me that a REAL Man humiliates you by fucking your wife, but didn’t stop there.
      Props to Him for making your pathetic faggot ass drink used condom Cum.
      Keep it up.
      Real Man Cum belongs in faggots like you.
      Just as fags like you deserve to be humiliated.

  7. I like to pay straight guys – preferably young – for their used condoms, right after they fuck a lady either in the cunt or ass, then I suck the outside clean of its tasty juices, before swallowing the wonderful cum inside…I don’t care if they are fresh or old.

  8. Of course I crave all cum at all times, but before I was on this site I never would have considered doing this. My focus has always been on the pleasure of men, and if a man isn’t there to watch me humiliate myself, what was the point? Not to mention the fact that only one man ever has fucked me with a condom — which I asked for and slurped down in front of him, of course. If he hadn’t cum in my mouth earlier, he probably would have been ready to go again after watching that. But now I understand — when a man tosses a condom aside, he is subconsciously doing the equivalent of sprinkling food in a fish tank, and grateful fags will swarm to it and be nourished by it. Thank you, Fagmaster, for the enlightenment.

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