Most of you loser faggots just love being bullied by REAL Men. The more cruel and vicious We are to you trash, the more you like it too.

You stupid pieces of faggot shit.

Even if you didn’t love it, you deserve it. It’s fun for Us Alphas, and it reminds you fags that you are naturally inferior to Us. Not that there was ever any doubt about that.

So let’s take a peek into your depraved bully-bait faggot brains and find out what kind of bullying you enjoy suffering the most.

After taking the poll, comment below.


What's Your Favorite Way To Be Bullied?


  • bitch4cock

    hard choice; all are good xD

    • Cumdumpmatt

      I voted for shoving my faggot face in a toilet. As a faggot, I fully accept being a urinal to superior men and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it. But by shoving my faggot face in a toilet, especially in public, is perfect bullying for this fag cause it really does force me to think about my own inferiority

  • Hole

    All are so perfect options Sir!!! But shove at a used toilet is the best Sir. Thank you.Sir

    • 5ubmale

      Other favorite piss-related bullying humiliations: a) being held down on the Master’s sloppy cock straight from the faggot’s hole and forced to swallow His hot piss as I lick His cock clean, or b) being held down with Master’s cock still in my faggot cunt after being filled with His cum, and feeling His piss start to fill my aching, well-fucked hole, knowing that I will be forced to clean His cock thoroughly with my mouth before He will allow me to release the piss and cum from my cunt.

      • Hole

        Yes!!! I loved all you described!! Hmmmmm

  • chastefag

    It was a toss up between Piss and Spit, Sir, so faggot has to wear it upon its face. Ultimately went with Piss because the degradation factor is higher.

  • fagslave75

    Nothing like being ganged up on and having its head forced into a toilet and being made to drink the piss flavored water in it. Then given a faggot shower while its head is in the toilet.

  • fag4str8AM

    Violent face slaps.
    With disgust and anger.
    The way an aggressive homophobic would hit a fag.
    That’s because i am more respectful and submissive when the Alpha scares me.

    • MrNastyTim

      im a firm believer in giving a stupid faggot a good hard slap… it excites me and makes my cock real hard when ur scared… then i give ur stupid a head a dam good slam fucking

      • fag4str8AM

        Thank You for commenting Sir.
        i am not smart as a Man like You, but i think i can understand Your point Sir.
        i feel much more joy when i am afraid to be beaten.
        There must be an explanation for that.

        • MrNastyTim

          thats cuz it makes ur face pussy more fun to fuck

          • fag4str8AM

            Thanks for the reply Sir.
            Would it be offensive if i send a friend request to You?

        • fagjim

          Also, getting punched to remind faggot of how weak it is

      • boysobey

        Makes perfect sense Sir. Better if other faggots witness. That way they behave better and are more submissive to MEN.

        • MrNastyTim(SirTim)(BadTim)

          good faggot…being mean to groups of faggots seems very exciting..stupid faggots do have to try to learn somethings…just like school faggot

          • boysobey

            If only there had been faggot school, Sir…

  • Jeremysfaggot

    Faggot craves the taste of straight man spit/phlegm. Even tastier to lick up from ground/pavement in front of straight man

  • Seabot

    Thank you, Sir! After you have pissed on my face, it needs to be shoved in the toilet and the urinal so my tongue can do its job cleaning. Please, Sir!

  • totalbottom

    Definitely a good slap for me. Preferably on the balls.

  • Pupjake

    Faggot deserves KICK in the ovaries Master

  • FatAssVegasFag

    For piss, I prefer to drink it down, so I picked spit in the face. It’s as close to personal as a man allows me to get, so that excites this fag. When I’ve written erotic fiction, I refer to a man spitting in my mouth as kissing a faggot hello and good-bye.

  • rimsrvc

    Nothing like my faggot head being shoved in a dirty toilet and kicked in the ass.

  • boysobey

    Those are all great ways to bully any of us faggots.

  • Licker

    I like them all SIR, but I went with “PISS on its worthless faggot face please, Sir!” cuz the humiliation factor for me is higher!

  • ftmsub13

    Really liked shoving head in the toilet and pissing on its worthless faggot face. Ultimately went with kicking since seemed like the most painful and rewarding for the bully.

  • bikerslave

    I was between spit and piss, but ultimately went with spit because it can be done to a faggot any time, anywhere, Sirs. Piss would definitely be my first choice in private because it’s so degrading and humiliating and shows what a lowlife it is, Sirs. But it can be more difficult to do in public, although I have served an Alpha that loved to fill up my bottle with His piss and make me drink it in public, Sirs.

  • colombianfaggot

    All of the options are great, but this faggot has always loved to get REAL MEN’s piss, on an into its worthless body. Thank YOU for the poll, MASTER. faggot is always at Your feet, SIR.

  • Matt

    All of the above!

  • subbeing

    For me, there’s no a “favorite” way to be bullied. i don’t enjoy to be bullied, but i need to be bullied by REAL MEN and, as FAGMASTER said, “the more cruel and vicious We are to you trash, the more you like it too…”. That’s so true, and also painful. When a REAL MAN treats me a trash, beats me as a useless whore, and pass over every limit i could have left in my mind, i need to come back to HIM again and again, deeping more and more my degradation. That’s no fun for me, but i feel a kind of peace THOSE MEN treat me in ways no human being could endure. In those moments i really am what i am.

  • mtsoccer23

    Sirs admittedly slapping and spitting are the winners for me. Also not listed… spanking?

  • cumdumpandy

    damn… all of them!

  • babyeddie71

    I love it when I am on my knees sucking a master only to have him spit in my face and degrade me. Thats number one on the list for me. However having him piss on me when he is done with my cum dump mouth is just as hot and exciting for me.

  • brazilianfag

    All very good options, SIr. My preferred is to be slapped in face.

  • samenkubel

    “however the Alpha(s) wants to bully it” would make for a good favourite way, Sir, what’s best for Alpha Cock is what’s best for a faggot, Sir

  • @Object

    I’ll take any body fluid the Owner wants to give out

  • Pup Sonic

    Piss is my favorite way to be bullied, Sir. However, all those options are excellent and hard to pick just one, Sir

  • cumdumpandy

    Love it

    In front of other Real Men while i’m naked or near naked.
    In public like a bar or dark room also usually naked.
    Bullied while being videoed so it can be heard over and over.

    And love verbal both ways

  • faggybear

    All of them

  • vegaspuppyboy

    All are good, but piss is the best. Piss is the ultimate degradation to me. It can be done almost anywhere. An Alpha can push you aside into a room, behind a building, bush, tree, etc. It’s sterile (unlike spit) and he can shower you or force it down your throat. But ultimately, it stays with you. A slap fades, spit dries, toilet water dries. Piss may dry, but the smell is there and what ever cloth is may be on will be crusty and discolored most likely. You have to keep that until you change clothes and shower. So the walk home is of shame as anyone who sees or passes by will know just by the look and the smell. Total faggotry! Plus if you are like me and crave male piss, then you are nothing more than a human urinal.

  • leatherunt

    i like my Bullies to be sadistic. all of the bullying activities listed are good, but the Bullies i respect most are the ones who like slapping fags around.

  • bob69

    I have a fuck buddy that has a jock strap that he pisses and cums in, when we meet he sticks it in my mouth as he fucks my cunt. The smell almost makes me puke

    • Seabot

      I am envious, bob69! One of my favorite ways to be bullied. Love when an Alpha does this to me in front of his friends. Even better when he does it in front of my friends so they can see what a faggot I am.

      • bob69

        Thank you for replying
        We are on Vaca In Ptown and today He wants me to wear a mask he put together with the words CUNT spelled on the front of it
        This will be my first public humiliation

    • MrNastyTim(SirTim)(BadTim)

      id slap u right up side ur stupid fag head for that…then id piss on ur face

      • bob69

        But Master I didn’t do anything wrong ! I just want to please U.

        • MrNastyTim(SirTim)(BadTim)

          puking because of a superior mans dirty jock strap is wrong… ur a faggot and ud better take it or else… u have not pleased me faggot

          • bob69

            Al right then Master your right everyone hates me, I’m no good, I’m to skinny, I got a big cock, I have no ass, I’m just not good at this. I’ve heard it all, but I keep trying that some day a Master will understand me

  • bob69

    Thank you Seabot

  • Empierical

    Ultimately the choice is yours sir, I crave you most being chosen to be degraded.

  • brazilianfag

    I prefer the piss, but what the Men choose I would gladly accept.

  • slave_p

    Being kicked because hate that the most from the alternatives.
    But it is not this faggots choice, Alphas decides always.

  • sissie-marcie

    this cock sucking fuck slut cum dump sissy faggot is nothing but a bitch and should be bitch slapped as often as possible to remind it of its place and role in the Alpha Man’s World.

  • boysobey

    All of those choices would be perfectly appropriate for any faggot.

  • Newpleasures

    je pense que je serai suffisament humilier avec une claque, bien sur le reste en ferait autant voir plus…

    Translation: “I think I’ll be enough to humiliate with a slap, of course the rest would do as much to see more …”

  • MANseeker

    i agree hard choice , i am attracted to the all selected to be slapped as i like being bruised. Kicking was a close second , hoping after being kicked i would be pissed on .

  • NBayKink

    Very difficult choice….but piss is the best for me.

  • cokhor

    Since I’m being asked, being a naked, caged, bound and funneled, faggot urinal at a college campus Frat House. Mmmm

  • niggafaggot

    Hard choice.
    The smell of superior piss on my body reminds me and every one arround me of what I really am: a filthy stinky faggot loser!

  • esclavopaco

    I’m a human urinal, the greatest humiliation for me is to be ignored when I beg for the piss of a Man, or to be urinated on my face when my desperately desire is to drink it.

  • Smaldickloser

    Talk about hard choices XD
    All are good but it loves hurting its clit and ovaries

  • Cyberpig

    Was this a trick question? i mean, in complete honesty, i crave every one of those options. The poll should be more like “rank the order” and even then it would be difficult to choose.
    i picked getting slapped in the face because more than once in my life i have automatically orgasmed from a hard slap to the face.
    But being spit on is so fucking humiliating if done in public by a guy who knows how to spit. And what fag says no to piss? i can’t say i “enjoy” being kicked between the legs…and it fucking HURTS…but when the right man does it, it feels like the most deserved abuse. And i am always grateful for any attention from a Superior Man.

  • Dutchhappygay

    I picked 1 from the list, but it would not matter much, because I probably won’t have a say in it anyway.

  • cencalfag

    As most other fags have said, all are good options and it doesn’t really matter if we have a preference anyway.

  • subolderbot

    while the other options are of course excellent, the most painful one will ensure that i never forget

  • esclavopaco

    Only because its an one choice question, but the slave needs to be bullied anytime in anyway that Master decide. The most humiliated thing is that usually the slave begs desperately for been bullied. Thanks Master

  • fun0of0l1m

    A really good question that confronts this fag once again with the reality, because it has to less real experience. it has experienced to be slapped, kicked and on one occasion a MASTER gifted it with its spit. But the ultimate humiliation would be of course to receive an ALPHA’S piss: baptize its head in piss, wash its face in the golden stream, let it fill its mouth to enjoy and swallow the warm liquid of a REAL MAN!

  • Broncodad4u

    fuck this was a bit of fun read…..LOL
    any fuckin way to have fun with a faggot and remind him of his place, is a good time……..slapping is one I enjoy most…….slap a faggot, then ‘spook’ it by lunging at it…like you are going to hit it again………then laugh……..and rub its hair….and once it is giving you a nice wet blow job, PISS down its throat……..
    Toilet dunking is always good – never gets old….
    As does some fag egg kicking [ what fags call their ovaries and men call their balls..]

    I love to make fags guzzle my piss…esp the rank, salty gold piss man…the stuff that stews up with a hangover! LOL……
    that is the BEST fag ball beer to feed…

    I also like to leash a faggot n walk him around naked with other Alphas around…his fag face wet with spit n piss….his cunt stuffed with cock toys

    • Imadumbfaggot

      It’s so great to hear about an Alpha bullying a faggot for entertainment Sir. What a gift Sir.

  • Imadumbfaggot

    More than anything, I want to be called out for being a faggot by a group of Alphas and I want them to verbally bully me and mentally abuse me in front of others / each other. Laughing and threatening me.

    • Broncodad4u

      Of course you do, shitforbrains!! Its a fuckin DNA wiring need of faggots, to revel in the use and abuse of Superior Men.
      Just like sluts love a gangbang….faggots, love to be a bullied and abused…slapped around and fuckin dunked in pisscan water!!!
      Make them so hungry to suck our cocks, it is fuckin disgusting and fun

      • Stupidbitchboy

        So true, This faggot loves when a Alpha slaps its face hard, or slaps its ass while asking are you my Bitch? Ever Bored, This faggot does live skype while doing whatever an alpha tells it, Wax, slap face, crush ovaries, bengay, write on its body, degrading and this faggot will owe any Alpha, Humiliate this dumb bitch.

  • Imadumbfaggot

    Thank You Sir that message is a gift to all dumb worthless faggot cunts who need a purpose Sir

  • cumaddict89

    This faggot finds being slapped in the face the must humiliating. This fags appears as a larger built masculine man, To be slapped is to be hit the same way a woman is hit. How many other fags were also bullied in school? Alphas must have a 6 sense because they can sence us faggots quickly and all are insecurities.

  • Fag-4-666

    Except slap in the face or kick in the clit, the rest is perfect : spit in mouth even in public is acceptable, having my face in the urinal please SIR do it,want to use my mouth as your urinal ? Out in public I’m here for your need

  • Overcum

    Ideal would be to serve as a naked urinal attendant all day in a Mens room. Men could come in and piss on me, piss in me, or piss anywhere they pleased, and its job would be to keep the place clean and ready to service the next customers.

  • SkinSubBro

    moin, ich liebe es Alpha pisse spucke /rotze zu bekomme und es stolz trocknen zu lassen bzw zu trinken, eine Ehre für mich skin sub fag

  • toyboyxxx

    Hard choice… but i went for the kick in the groin. Abuse and pain adds to the humiliation.

  • Stupidbitchboy

    So true, This faggot loves when a Alpha slaps its face hard, or slaps its ass while asking are you my Bitch? Ever Bored, This faggot does live skype while doing whatever an alpha tells it, Wax, slap face, crush ovaries, bengay, write on its body, degrading and this faggot will owe any Alpha, Humiliate this dumb bitch.

  • bicbur

    Please Sir do whatever you wish Sir.

  • Demuetigemich

    Hard choice, would love them all. Votedfor beingsshoved in the toilet as it was the only thing not directly linked to an Alpha and therefore is the most humiliating

  • WorthlessFagBoi

    Hello Master Sir,
    It is really a very difficult choice but I find the humiliation aspect the most important and because I enjoy most things too much I decided to put my head in the toilet. It is very humiliating and can be done quickly anywhere.

    And I would often be “impressed” by that and I always love it how funny and great the alphas find it especially when I have to go back to the public with a wet head afterwards.

  • GApeach30144

    Piss please. Nothing makes me feel more pathetic and weak. Turns me on an unbelievable amount.

  • borntoservecock

    This faggot finds kneeling naked at a Alphas Feet, Ready to lick there boots, and the Alpha Slaps my faggot face. No real Man would ever allow that, let alone beg for it. We are such pathetic losers.

  • RobKnob

    I chose “All of the above”. What is most appreciated is being bullied in front of other Alphas & even brother faggots. Adds greatly to the humiliation, plus then there are witnesses that I really am a worthless fag.

  • JustinKeithAnglin

    I chose Head Shoved in Toilet but combine this with Spitting and Pissing on my face would be Heaven!

  • housemouse

    I like a hard hand slap across my face from a dominant Man, until I earn a good hard slap across my face with Master’s cock.

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