Most of you loser faggots just love being bullied by REAL Men. The more cruel and vicious We are to you trash, the more you like it too.

You stupid pieces of faggot shit.

Even if you didn’t love it, you deserve it. It’s fun for Us Alphas, and it reminds you fags that you are naturally inferior to Us. Not that there was ever any doubt about that.

So let’s take a peek into your depraved bully-bait faggot brains and find out what kind of bullying you enjoy suffering the most.

After taking the poll, comment below.


What's Your Favorite Way To Be Bullied?


    1. Other favorite piss-related bullying humiliations: a) being held down on the Master’s sloppy cock straight from the faggot’s hole and forced to swallow His hot piss as I lick His cock clean, or b) being held down with Master’s cock still in my faggot cunt after being filled with His cum, and feeling His piss start to fill my aching, well-fucked hole, knowing that I will be forced to clean His cock thoroughly with my mouth before He will allow me to release the piss and cum from my cunt.

  1. It was a toss up between Piss and Spit, Sir, so faggot has to wear it upon its face. Ultimately went with Piss because the degradation factor is higher.

  2. For piss, I prefer to drink it down, so I picked spit in the face. It’s as close to personal as a man allows me to get, so that excites this fag. When I’ve written erotic fiction, I refer to a man spitting in my mouth as kissing a faggot hello and good-bye.

  3. I was between spit and piss, but ultimately went with spit because it can be done to a faggot any time, anywhere, Sirs. Piss would definitely be my first choice in private because it’s so degrading and humiliating and shows what a lowlife it is, Sirs. But it can be more difficult to do in public, although I have served an Alpha that loved to fill up my bottle with His piss and make me drink it in public, Sirs.

  4. For me, there’s no a “favorite” way to be bullied. i don’t enjoy to be bullied, but i need to be bullied by REAL MEN and, as FAGMASTER said, “the more cruel and vicious We are to you trash, the more you like it too…”. That’s so true, and also painful. When a REAL MAN treats me a trash, beats me as a useless whore, and pass over every limit i could have left in my mind, i need to come back to HIM again and again, deeping more and more my degradation. That’s no fun for me, but i feel a kind of peace THOSE MEN treat me in ways no human being could endure. In those moments i really am what i am.

  5. I love it when I am on my knees sucking a master only to have him spit in my face and degrade me. Thats number one on the list for me. However having him piss on me when he is done with my cum dump mouth is just as hot and exciting for me.

  6. Love it

    In front of other Real Men while i’m naked or near naked.
    In public like a bar or dark room also usually naked.
    Bullied while being videoed so it can be heard over and over.

    And love verbal both ways

  7. All are good, but piss is the best. Piss is the ultimate degradation to me. It can be done almost anywhere. An Alpha can push you aside into a room, behind a building, bush, tree, etc. It’s sterile (unlike spit) and he can shower you or force it down your throat. But ultimately, it stays with you. A slap fades, spit dries, toilet water dries. Piss may dry, but the smell is there and what ever cloth is may be on will be crusty and discolored most likely. You have to keep that until you change clothes and shower. So the walk home is of shame as anyone who sees or passes by will know just by the look and the smell. Total faggotry! Plus if you are like me and crave male piss, then you are nothing more than a human urinal.

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