I’ve said it over and over again . . . Every faggot should be a Gloryhole faggot.

Gloryholes perfectly reflect what faggots fundamentally ARE.

Pleasure things for Cock. Receptacles for Cum. HOLES.

So lets shine a light into the twisted recesses of your slut faggot brains again with a poll about your Gloryhole desires.

It’s simple: Where do you faggot trash like to take your Gloryhole Loads? Down your whore throats or up your whore cunts?

After answering, discuss in the comment section below. Sluts.

How Do Like Your Gloryhole Loads?


  • bitch01

    swallow cum sucking cocks and being fucked up faggot cunt arse

    • Jamie

      Hi bitch01 this is Jamie sissy fag you are so write are holes are made for vim yummy

      • Jamie

        My sissy cunt. Is a place for man cum

  • Sissie-marcie

    this cock sucking fuck slut cum dump sissy faggot whore wants to swallow as many loads of Alpha nectar as gets pumped into her faggot cunt. an equal feeding and filling of cum in this cock sucking fuck slut cum dump sissy faggot whore’s holes ensures maximum humiliation, degradation, and feminization.

  • kumpyg

    i have swallowed gallons

  • jeffthefag

    I love to swallow but being a faggot i’ll take it anywhere I can get it mouth or ass or off the wall or floor its all good

    • Abqsub

      Can I swallow and get it bareback at the same time?

      • jeffthefag

        yes you can just as long as you taking cum get it anyway you can and as much as you can

  • Licker

    I’m a Cocksucking faggot and prefer to SWALLOW my Gloryhole Loads!

  • Cumsumer

    Swallowing means that the alphas cum is in me longer. But I’d take it how the alpha wants to give it. Cock and cum is god!!

  • Subwhore

    It can be hard to choose between the cunt and the stomach. Both of my bitch holes crave cum so much that I have to try to satiafy them both. The primary benefit of swallowing the cum is all the nourishment my faggot body gets from the Alpha’s nutrient-rich seed. The primary benefit of taking raw loads in the cunt is that all that man batter gets mixed together and stays inside you until you let it out so it’s a longer-lasting reminder of what a whore the faggot is, and when the cream finally comes out there is nothing that makes a faggot feel.more like a worthless whore than that! And it MUST come out eventually so the faggot cannot avoid that humiliation.

  • plzr

    To get bred, faggot has to take cum in its cunt.

  • waldteufel

    The more cum I swallow. the more I want. I love getting naked in an adult video arcades and sucking cocks for several hours at a time. I’m insatiable for cocks and cum now. Please help me!!!

    • cumburpingwhore

      The struggle is real. I always wonder why there isn’t an endless queue. Is it that most men don’t know how good we are?

  • Sub4DomMaster

    I am a faggot bitch slave, wild piggie, bred raw wet and breed my fuck be hole full of cum juices!!

  • Jamie

    I like to go dressed up like a slut and have a real man vim on me

  • Jamie

    I am a sissy cunt to be used

  • nvsubforu

    this faggot prefers to swallow the loads8

  • butchboy

    Swallow…. always swallow

  • gloryholefag

    My faggot mouth craves every drop of a REAL Man’s cum. I hate the thought of any of it going to waste.

  • Nigglet

    i serve in a College Skinhead Fraternity gloryhole #whitecocksonly

  • nolimitslavefag

    faggot takes COCK and CUM in any way, wich hole COCK cums into,
    faggot loves the tase of COCK, smell of MEN, from HIS BALLS, licking HIS ASS clean, being rubbed over by his MUSK, smelling HIS ASS, FARTS, then feeling the raging COCK on the back of faggot’s throat and to taste HIS CUM, or take in faggot’s ass, raw, deep, opening hole, nothing but a hole welcoming, taking COCK helplessly, face on the ground, ass up, presenting its helpless hole and locked cock, while ALPHA MEN and HIS SUPERIOR PENIS rides faggots ass inside out, until HE CUMS inside faggot’s hole

    or both at the same time.

  • boysobey

    It almost clicked up the ass bareback, but realistically that doesn’t happen as much as we faggots would like. it loves taking load after load after load down its throat. It has gotten used to walking out with cum in its hair and its clothes nasty.

  • dirtysissyboi

    swallow all and bareback mmmm

  • Glorywhole

    In my hole whenever possible. I love taking a man’s seed up my cunt.

  • Cockgoblin

    I want to swallow that magnificent gift

  • bbbot6969

    love to back my cum hole up to the hole

  • Pup Sonic

    Either feed me or breed me, just give me your load, Sir

  • littlejoe

    swallow and bare

  • UglyPet55

    I have not yet visited a gloryhole but I’d prefer to swallow some loads and wear the rest on my face, let them dry and walk out showing everyone exactly what I am and enjoying my shame and worthlessness.

  • ernestdenmark

    although i don’t need the Man i’m serving to cum in my mouth as long as He’s enjoying Himself, it’s a wonderful compliment to my skills when He does

  • slave 348

    Double sided GH are the best. A cock in each hole. It has only worked that a few times and was great.
    The feeling of anonymous loads being pumped into its whore body and knowing the pleasure it is giving real Men, makes its caged useless clit leak its pathetic fag juice. The next best feeling is being stuffed again seconds later by new Cocks using the last Mans cum as lube. Then it turns into a competition to see how many loads each faggot whore could get up its cunt.

  • Lthsubfag

    Im a faggot that offers either hole. Not really my choice. Its his gloryhole and im his faggot. So whatever hole he says hes using is the faggot hole against his gh. Wherher i swallow his nut or take his bb cum up my fag hole, the Sir choice is the way it is.

  • Rjtopher

    Any way I can get my cum is best – the important thing is that it is deposited deep within me, down my throat or inside the second internal ring – hole number 2

  • Marriedcocksucker

    When I suck at a gloryhole, I usually swallow but I will always give up my ass if wanted. I love a busy bookstore arcade where I can suck multiple cocks in one session and be filled with cum. Love when they only have a couple of bucks to spend on the video so they shoot their loads quickly and I’m on to the next. Hitting the poppers and drinking cum are my favorite times in the gloryhole.

  • HamburgFag

    having my faggot cunt pushed towards a glory hole and getting fucked by one anonymous alpha cock after the other is the most horny experience I every had. Being a cumdump for alpha fuckers, no matter who they are and what they look like, is the purpuse of my life

  • olneybottom

    This faggot cunt likes to swallow loads after having its cunt pounded by the alpha’s cock first. This faggot cunt loves the taste of a cock after it has been in its cunt.

  • Empierical

    Im a pathetic faggot with no GH experience.

  • jrsw94

    Faggot will take loads up it’s cunt or down its throat. It loves cum. The decision comes down to the cock and man that’s using the faggot. That’s who gets to decide where the cum goes.

  • hungryforcockinallholes

    Hard to decide between swallow and taking it up the ass.

  • SubOldman

    Importante para mim é ter toda sua carga de porra dentro de meu corpo. Sou o depósito orgulhoso de todo sêmen que ele jorrar em mim

  • cokhor

    Again, since I’m being asked, swallowed, or better yet, driven down my cocksucking gullet. Mmmmm But it’s really not my choice.

  • SouthBaySecretfaggot

    as much as i love a load of cum up my faggot ass, even more i LOVE to taste a man’s sperm…and let him blow his hot load all over my face and hair and clothes. i love to be marked with jizz so i can be identified as a faggot.

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