If I were world Overlord, in My first 100 days on the throne this would be one of My first decrees:

“Be it decreed that henceforth every public Men’s restroom in My realm shall come equipped with no less than three full-time service faggots. So let it be written, so let it be done.”

One faggot used as a subhuman piss-guzzling urinal for Men to piss on and in.

One Cocksucking faggot for any Men who want a quick blowjob.

And one faggot, like this one, that is there just to be Cumdump fuck-hole.


  • Cumsumer

    Sign me up when it is possible, I’ll be the cum dump hole for sure, strangers cocks and cum swalloed all day long

  • MNsissyfaggotalliej

    I’d gladly serve in any capacity

  • Cigarpig666

    All three roles for me Sir

  • bitch01

    yes it would be the cumdump piss urinal

  • UglyPet55

    It would be a wonderful piss-guzzling urinal.

  • Hot4urload

    growing up I spend hours cruising public men’s bathrooms. Just looking for some hard cocks to suck off. Writing messages on the bathroom walls. Calling the phone numbers on the walls and hooking up with guys I never met before Just to have Sex with them

  • bitch01

    yes to both best to be the cumdumpster

  • pleeseSir

    You are so before Your time FagMaster! Every Public toilet should have an attendant to cater for Men’s needs whatever they be! it would dearly love to find a facility that would allow it to ensure the conveniencies were up to scratch for its superiors! Of course it would gratefully accept any treatment, rough or otherwise it received from the Users thereof! Having its head forced into the used toilet bowl prior to flushing while it is being used anally would bring back fond memories!

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