There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about what it REALLY means to be a faggot, and to live the faggot life. To remedy that I made this little quiz for you cunts.

Test your knowledge and see if you REALLY know what it means to be a faggot. I bet even the sluttiest of you lowlife faggot whores miss at least a couple of them.

After taking the quiz, discuss in the comment section below.


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A common misconception. While it is true that by far most faggots don't seem very masculine compared to Real Men, this isn't always the case. In fact, some faggots can spend years being Tops and fucking other faggots while thinking they are Alpha as can be. And relative to MOST fags, perhaps they almost are. At least until a TRUE Alpha comes along and puts them in their place, bends them over, fucks the truth into them without mercy. After that happens and the faggot realizes its a faggot, it doesn't suddenly transform into a limp-wristed lisper. It tends to remain masculine by all superficial standards, and relative to most faggots. Versions of this range from the skinhead faggot, to the high-power business executive faggot, to the "Average Joe" faggot .... by all appearances Real Men. But still NOT Real Men.

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Outsiders and "normals" may look at how faggots degrade and humiliate themselves for Alpha amusement and assume that the fags have terrible self-esteem or even hate themselves. In My experience nothing could be further from the truth. Most faggots DELIGHT in being treated like filth and viciously mocked by Real Men. It makes fags happy to make themselves laughingstock for Alphas. And the more they do it, the better they feel about themselves. In fact, it's the faggot's that DON'T submit themselves to the cruel humiliations of tyrannical Alpha Men that seem to be the miserable ones. The faggot's nature is to serve for the pleasure of Real Men. That service can be sexual, but it can also be as objects of humiliation and mockery. So humiliation might not be "natural" for most people ... but it's entirely natural for faggots. If that weren't so it would be RARE. And as all the faggot's that submit pics to Me like the one above prove ... it's not rare at all. It's common. It's faggot-natural.

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Fag abuse isn't about homophobia, it's about Hierarchy. Many Alphas are Gay or Bi, and some faggot's are Straight. Even when it's a Gay faggot being humiliated and abused by a Straight Alpha and may LOOK like Homophobia to those who don't "get it," proper fag abuse is never really about "hate." It's about the Straight Alpha having cruel, sadistic fun at the grateful, consenting, groveling fag's expense.

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Every faggot should be an anonymous Cocksucker at Gloryholes if that's an option where you live. In fact the best faggots are anonymous Gloryhole Cumdumpsters in addition to being Cocksuckers. Serving Cock at Gloryholes helps remind the faggot that it is nothing but a pleasure object for ANY AND ALL Cock that wants to use it. Gloryholes reduce the faggot to its essence ... a Hole for Cock and Cum.

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The question of whether it's "right" or "wrong" to cheat when you're a faggot is irrelevant. The FACT of the matter is that every faggot in a supposedly "exclusive" relationship that can cheat, WILL cheat. Faggots are by nature sluts that can never be satisfied with just one Cock and one source of Cum. Thus, it's only natural for faggots in relationships to become cheating whores.

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Being straight does not excuse a faggot from its DUTY to suck Alpha Cock whenever it has the opportunity or if an Alpha orders it to do so. Your own sexual desires or inclinations are of no importance as a faggot. Cocksucking is an almost essential function of faggotry, simple as that.

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Many faggots resist fully embracing their faggot nature and the faggot lifestyle because they fear it means they have to become depraved Cocksucking Cum-guzzling whores 24/7. That they must give up friends, family, and their "normal" life to devote themselves to spending every waking hour getting gangfucked in bath house slings and kneeling at Gloryholes sucking Cock for hours on end. If ONLY the world were like that and every faggot was free devote its entire life to the service of Real Men. But, alas, we live in the real world. You have a job, bills, and obligations. You have a "normal" life and need to live it. So what you have to do is DIVIDE and COMPARTMENTALIZE your life into the "normal" you and the "faggot" you. You just make sure--as I write in The Faggot Bible and elswhere--WHEN a faggot, you're FULLY a faggot. You don't let your "normal" life or self intrude on those special hours. Many faggots learn to love living this "double life" too.

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IF you, like the vast majority of faggots, decide you're going to offer up your cunts for Men to fuck, then at that moment you have surrendered your right to insist on "safe sex." You have committed your faggot pussy to the pleasure of Real Men and Our Cocks. So if our pleasure demands that you take it Raw, you take it Raw. No questions asked. If you don't want to be an anonymous Cumdumpster, but still want to serve as a Cock-pleasuring object, then you have one option: Committing EXCLUSIVELY to being a Cocksucker and to never being fucked at all. A minority of faggots take this route. They are Cocksucking faggots only. That's acceptable. But what isn't acceptable is thinking you can offer up your pussy to Men and then expect Us to rubber up. If you do that, some Men will probably break that condom when you're not looking and stealth breed your cunt anyway. And you'd deserve it.

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Being a subhuman urinal, like Cocksucking, is a universal function and mandatory duty for every faggot. It doesn't matter whether or not you're "into piss," either. If a Man wants to piss on you or down your faggot gullet, you open that mouth and take that golden stream, dutifully and gratefully. If you're thinking, "But no Man has ever pissed in my faggot mouth so I'm not a urinal!" think again, bitch. Remember that a urinal doesn't stop being a urinal when not being used. You are a faggot and will always be a faggot. Which means you are a urinal and will always be a urinal. The time will hopefully come when you will be USED like one. Be ready for it.

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While some faggots are meant to be sissies and sissy slut faggots, and others just enjoy making themselves laughable clowns for Alpha mockery and amusement by being Cross Dressers (CDs) ... This isn't meant for every faggot. We Real Men have differing tastes in faggots, so there needs to be different kinds of fags to satisfy each of our needs. Some Men will only fuck very girly Sissy Sluts. Others, like Me, think even a faggot wearing so much as panties is a turn off and not worth fucking (though it is good for mocking). As a general rule, a faggot should be the "type" that feels most natural to it. After all, one of the benefits of embracing your true faggot nature is being more of what you REALLY ARE. It's not about embracing yet another false version of yourself. One faggot size does NOT fit all.

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Absolutely. No question. 100%. While kneeling on all fours and literally lapping it up like a thirsty Cum-dog is ideal because that adds to your humiliation, it's not primarily about that. A faggot simply has a solemn duty to never let Man Cum go to waste. So it could lick this up directly off the floor, or it could scoop it up and lick it off its fingers. Of course a true faggot doesn't JUST do this as a duty. A True faggot would view a find like this as a wonderful surprise and treasure. It would lap it up with joy. NOTE: I said a fag should "Absolutely. No question. 100%" lap up the Cum ... but actually there's another option. It could also drop its pants and finger it all into its faggot cunt. As long as the Cum goes inside of the faggot, where it belongs.

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Of course. A faggot must lock its worthless clit as a reminder that it is indeed just a worthless clit, and not a Real Cock. It's also an important method for reducing faggot self-pleasuring, which is important since a faggot doesn't exist for its own pleasure, it exists for the pleasure of Real Men. I nevertheless hold to a controversial position among Alphas that says not all faggots should cage their clits at all times. The reason being that many faggots grow to LOVE having their clits caged, which can (in excess) defeat the purpose of conditioning the faggot to endure hardship and suffering. As such, I maintain that ALL faggots should be in chastity for extended periods of time, but most should also be denied chastity for periods of time as well. Chastity is a means to faggot conditioning, not an end.

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If you answered "True" and are scratching your stupid faggot head, know that this was a trick question. Mental conditioning isn't AS important as physical conditioning for fags. It's MORE important. For starters, even if you don't spend every evening sliding a dildo in your cunt to condition it for brutal breeding .... it WILL be conditioned after you've been brutally bread a few times. So too your gag reflex will be conditioned away by Men throat fucking you enough times. So conditioning your faggot body to be a better pleasure object is important, but not always essential. The main things that really holds faggots back from being all the faggot they can be are MENTAL barriers and inhibitions. Thus, to become a true and total faggot the faggot needs to focus even more on conditioning its mind to increased sluttery and depravity, than on its body. Start by using My audio mindfucks, you fucks. Now. And often. They are designed to force-fuck the truth of what you are into that tiny brain, hard and without mercy. Bitch.

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Some stupid faggots are under the misapprehension that paying Tribute (aka "Fag Tax") is only for fags that enjoy being Financially Dominated. This is no more true than saying a faggot shouldn't suck Cock or drink piss unless it enjoys it. Nothing could be further from the truth. EVERY faggot is duty bound to Tribute to one or more Alphas, regularly. Few things better condition a faggot to true subservience and obedience than sacrificing its hard earned money to a Real Man, especially one they don't even personally know. More importantly, We Real Men deserve your money for the simple fact that We are your Superiors by nature. Few things are more contemptible than a faggot claiming it wants to be a true slave to a true Master, when it clings in the most un-slavish, selfish, way to money. Conversely, few things prove a faggot is the REAL deal more than a grateful willingness to pay generous Tribute. Not to mention, most faggots who think they'll hate being cashraped, soon come to love it. Warning: Avoid Tributing to supposed Alphas who demand your personal or credit card info. While some of you fucks have fantasies of total financial ruination, these are best left as fantasies. So too blackmail fantasies. As a faggot you SHOULD be exploited, and pay enough that you suffer hardship. But you should avoid being bankrupted. After all, what good is a faggot cash slave that's run out of cash?

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While I have no real statistics to back this up, I've seen it over and over again. Some fags start out feeling conflicted about their desires, and unsatisfied or miserable in their lives. This conflicted and unhappy state of affairs may continue for some time as they flirt with the idea of becoming depraved sluts, but then fear or regret get the better of them and they repent of their faggy ways. But that NEVER lasts. Their natural faggot instinct is too powerful (Fags at this stage love to create profiles on FagMaster.com and elsewhere, then delete them, then create them again. Annoying as fuck, those kind of faggots). But when the day comes that the faggot totally goes for it, things start to change quickly. Maybe it musters the nerve to go to the Bath House for the first time, climbs into a sling, and gets fucked full of Cum by a dozen men. Maybe it stops trying NOT to be a cheater, and decides if it's going to be a cheating whore it's going to cheat whenever it can, with no more remorse. Maybe it gets Pozzed after semi-chasing, or maybe it gets on PrEP. Or maybe it just had that one anonymous encounter in a public restroom that was enough to make it realize, "This is what I am. No use denying it anymore. I'm a faggot whore .... and I LOVE it." Whatever the reason, once a faggot becomes an indiscriminate slut and a total whore, the happier it seems to be. Such faggots gobble Cock and get bareback fucked with a level of freedom, fearlessness, and confidence that is the envy of fags that haven't YET become total sluts.

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No, no, and a thousand times NO. While it is only natural and common for a faggot to enjoy being used--as a fuck object or otherwise--this should be considered gravy. The faggot is an object. It's body is for the pleasure of Real Men. Sometimes--as when being brutally bareback fucked by a Monster Cock (or a dozen Monster Cocks)--HIS (or Their) pleasure may result in your suffering and pain. You bite your faggot lip and you bear that pain, bitch. You never say "No," you never say, "Stop." Or, if in a moment of weakness the words accidentally slip out, you fully accept the fact that it's the Alpha's RIGHT to ignore your pathetic pleas as he keeps on pounding (even harder now, to punish you for begging him to stop). This acceptance that your pleasure doesn't really matter is one of the major things that distinguishes a real faggot from a run of the mill boring "Bottom."

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One reason I and most Alphas are cruel to faggots is because it's entertaining. But another reason is that if we're not some faggots may easily delude themselves into "loving" us and worse ... believing we could ever "love" them. This is a foolish mistake. We will never love you, faggot. You are and will only ever be a thing We are using for our pleasure, profit, or entertainment. Nothing more. And nothing more should even be needed, either. You should be forever grateful to be even noticed by an Alpha, let alone used by one. Being a used object is your function, and by fulfilling your function you are fulfilled. Don't muddy the waters with silly notions of "love" you culled from watching one too many stupid faggy romantic comedies. Worship Us, grovel before Us, even adore Us. This is fine. And EXPECT nothing from us but cruelty and abuse. When and if we are merciful, generous, or kind to you ... know that even in this we are merely manipulating and conditioning you to make you even more useful in the long run. If you need love, get a damn dog.

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If you've read all of My writing--as you should have--then you know that I have said every faggot can make itself useful, however fat, old, or ugly. But that DOESN'T mean looks don't matter. Of COURSE they matter, dumbshit fag! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that a lean, hot, twink faggot is going to have an easier time finding more Men to fuck its tight young faggot pussy than some ugly-ass middle-aged faggot with a gut hanging down to its knees will. Being a fugly faggot doesn't mean you can't also be a slut. It just means you can't expect it to be as easy. You need to take that fugly mug into account, like putting it behind a gloryhole so no Man has to look at it. Or you may need to find other ways to serve Real Men as a faggot that aren't focused on Cocksucking or being a Cumdumpster fuck hole. In this way looks matter as much for how they HELP you become a better faggot too. By forcing you to think creatively outside of the standard slut box. The less attractive you are, the less egoistic pride you'll likely have. The less egoistic pride, the harder you'll work to earn Our Alpha attention, and the more slavish, obedient, and entertaining you'll be to Us. On the other side of the coin, if your looks are middle of the road, work on maximizing what you DO have, faggot. Go on a fucking diet and hit the gym, bitch. Go to a dentist and get those gnarly teeth fixed. Trim your damn pubes. TRY to make yourself more appealing to more Men. That's a faggot duty too.

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This is one of the stupider worries I've heard from some faggots. The fact is, that some Men will be LESS likely to fuck a POZ faggot, some Men will be MORE likely to fuck a POZ faggot, and most Men WON'T CARE either way. It's the age of PrEP AND the age of POZ Pride. There are more than enough Cocks willing to unload in faggot holes, be they Blue-pilled Neg to Toxic POZ. Just be the Hole you're meant to be and the right Cocks will CUM.

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It is absolutely true that faggot's should take pride in being abject whores. But there's a qualification to this pride. Every Man you serve, every Cock you suck, every Load you swallow or take up your cunt ... are things you can and should take pride in as a faggot. By behaving like a depraved faggot whore you are doing your job, fulfilling your primary function in life. You are proving to yourself and to Alphas that you know and accept your place in life as a faggot, and aren't a mere wanna-be or half-ass faggot. Every time you make yourself into an indiscriminate, depraved, Cum-filled faggot whore ... you are becoming more of what you're meant to be. By devolving into deeper pits of depravity, you are evolving as a faggot. So, yes, take pride in that, whore. BUT ... I said this pride has a qualification, too. That qualification is that your pride isn't like "normal" pride and least of all like Alpha Pride. It is NOT egoistic. It is the kind of pride that only other faggots could ever respect or envy. Because for anyone else, everything a faggot calls a point of pride, would be called SHAME. Thus I often write that a faggot's shame is its pride is its shame. Feel free to take pride in that too, you depraved faggot whore. NOTE: Alphas like Me may praise your depraved acts of whoredom, but know that this isn't about respect. It's about encouraging you to be a better faggot, because this serves Us. And it's amusing to praise your shame and see how PROUD you are of it.


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  • esclavopaco

    This faggot needs some kind of punishment. Even is a total faggot made 3 mistakes. Some suggestions to my punishment?.
    Its a shame to make 1 mistake, but 3, its intolerable for a faggot like me…

  • Geffalenengel

    informative quiz. thank you.

  • weeone

    Missed 2 questions still has allot to learn

  • Demuetigemich

    Thank you very much for this quiz and for the information I must confess that I answered 5 questions wrong.
    I really appreciate the fact that I could learn from your wisdom!
    Thank you Master

  • pleeseSir

    it is soo ashamed Sirs, it missed 2 questions it should no better after being used for so long and always wanting to improve its service to Real Men. it can only prostrate itself and beg punishment!

  • Slave Shithole 107

    it foolishly missed the trick question but got all the rest correct Sirs. It’s been a submissive slave cunthole for a long time Sirs glad it knows it’s stuff

  • Cumsumer

    Got 2 wrong. Will know better in the future.
    I’d love to knell down and suck cock and swallow cum at a GH for hours. Trouble is finding one where I live. Unfortunately can’t set up my own at this moment. Any help is appreciated

  • subbttm4all

    17 right. missed trick, sissy and appearance.

  • boycunt

    Four wrong. i thought that i was a pretty well-adjusted faggot, but i see that i have a lot to learn. But then again, a faggot’s learning never ends. There are always going to be new ways to serve, and to enhance the lives of Superior Alpha Men.

  • pegasub

    I got two wrong so obviously this fag has work to do to be the best faggot I can be. Thank you for the lesson.

  • prague-faggot

    got them all right

  • bitch01

    19 out of 20 will have to do this

  • br1lliantboy

    I got most of them right. When reflecting upon this I think I am an even bigger faggot that I thought.

  • fitmascN6

    18/20. Got the trick question (about mind), but also the one about appearance (pretty dumb to get that one wrong…). Thank you Master for this quiz – it really underlined a faggots place. Bit this faggot needs to do better.

  • fitmascN6

    18/20. Got the trick question (about mind), but also the one about appearance (pretty dumb to get that one wrong…). Thank you Master for this quiz – it really underlined a faggots place. This faggot needs to do better.

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