Every faggot knows in its bones that it is inferior to Real Men. This is why you whores naturally worship Us and want to be used by Us.

Some of you whores embrace this truth sooner, some later. But all faggots embrace it eventually. Because it cannot be denied.

Of course, as Real Men there’s no need for us to “prove” our superiority to anyone … least of all to lowlife faggot scum.

We know the truth.

True faggots know it too.

So I offer this post not as a simple summary of the facts for the less enlightened. These are just some reasons why Real Men are superior to faggots …


That thing that hangs between a faggot’s legs is NOT a Cock. It’s a noodle, a twig, a useless appendage, a fag Clit.

Real Cocks belong only to Real Men and are the supreme tools of our POWER and instruments of DOMINATION. They are the ultimate symbol and expression of our Masculine POTENCY.

Contrary to popular belief the natural state of Cock is Hard and Erect. Flaccidity is merely the Cock resting between penetrating faggots.

The natural state of a  faggot’s worthless clit, on the other hand, is limp. This is why misguided faggots that try to fuck like Real Men soon develop chronic impotency. It’s their true faggot nature unconsciously rebelling against their perverse and misguided efforts, by causing the little clit to retreat and reverting to its natural, flaccid, limp, useless state.


It’s a serious mistake to call the liquid that sometimes escapes from faggot clits, “Cum.” It may, technically, be “semen” but Cum is something much more than that.

Cum is something Only Men can produce because only Men have Real Cocks.

Language hints at the difference. Semen is a noun, whereas Cum is both a noun and a verb. Cum is an essence but also an action, a tangible expression of our power as Real Men.

Little faggot clits may sometimes leak faggy semen … but the Cum of Man and True Cock ERUPTS. It explodes, surges, jets and gushes. When a Man Cums it is like the raw power of nature unleashed … Into the faggot.

Imagine that happening with a limp and useless faggot clit. You can’t. Because it can’t. The faggot has no more real Cum than it has a real Cock.

Perhaps the most important difference between Real Cum and and the worthless liquid that sometimes leaks from faggot clits is this: Cum carries our very DNA. The Superior DNA of Real Men. Our very essence. What leaks from faggots may have their dna too, but it’s just that: the dna of faggots. In other words, of inferior evolutionary freaks.


I discuss this at length in The Faggot Bible. A faggot is a faggot when behaves as a faggot should and must. In other words, when it is being used by Real Men in one way or another.

A faggot’s worth is in its utility to Us, and nothing more.

In other words, a faggot needs Real Men to BE a faggot, to be itself. It needs Cock, it needs Cum, it needs Mastery. It needs everything that only We, as Real Men can give it.

Real Men, on the other hand, do not need faggots. At all. If every faggot in the world vanished tomorrow, We would remain Real Men.

You fags need us, We do not need you.

Our superiority is glaringly evident in this fact.


I’m not talking here about physical weakness (though that is very often true too). I’m talking about mental weakness. Psychological weakness. Lack of Will.

Consider just some of the things I’ve “made” faggots do by merely commanding them to do it:

Let homeless men fuck them.

Drink the piss of strangers.

Drink their own piss, on camera.

Lick public urinals.

Eat Cum from found condoms.

Cage their worthless clits.

Torture their worthless clits.

Buy Me gifts.

Become My living ATMS.

The list of humiliations, degradation, abuse, whoredom, and exploitation goes on. The point here being the question: What creature other than a faggot would not only submit to such things, but crave such?

No one and nothing else would.

This is actually to the faggot’s credit, because it shows that the faggot knows it is weak and inferior. It intuits that it’s natural and proper relationship to its Master–and to all Real Men for that matter–is one of abject submission, absolute obedience, groveling, bootlicking, and worship.

When confronted with the Will of a Real Man, any flimsy vestiges of a “Will” the faggot has crumbles. Like a bitch, the faggot psychologically flings itself on its back before the Alpha Male.

It’s the faggot’s instinct. It’s the faggot’s nature.

Just as it is natural for Real Men to demonstrate our dominance and superiority by fucking, using, abusing, humiliating and exploiting the faggot.

The difference being … We do these things because We Choose to. We Will it so.

Whereas faggots simply can’t help themselves from being faggots. They have no real Will to speak of. They–you–are WEAK. And that weakness proclaims your inferiority to Us.


As I write these words My dark, malevolent laughter echoes off the walls of My cavernous den. Why? Because I know that some faggot will soon read these very words I now write, and will prove everything I have said here is true.

It will prove itself inferior.

It will prove Me Superior.

It–YOU–are now reading this very line and now begin to feel yourself overcome by My Power.

You feel a mixture of agitation and excitement. Now.

Your feeble faggot will is crumbling. Now. Your little faggot clit twitches, excited. Now.

Your finger begins now to move to click on the button below, as if by instinct or directed by some malevolent force … You cannot resit … You cannot help yourself … You begin now to feel a perverse and euphoric rush of weakness, surrender, and total submission … now you push the button … you will Pay Me Tribute Now


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