Once a faggot, always a faggot.

That’s how it works.There are no “former” or “reformed” faggots. You never hear of a faggot who voluntarily gives up being a filthy slut once its started down the path of whorish faggot depravity. Because a faggot can’t be “reformed,” and the smarter ones never want to be either.

No. A truly “reformed faggot” is the opposite. It’s one that has stopped lying to itself. It is one that has surrendered all hope of being anything but a faggot.

It has embraced its destiny and knows that it exits to be used by Real Men as a slut, a pleasure object, a slave, a hole, a fuck-whore, a Cumdumpster.

And it soon even learns to find perverse pride and joy in this.

It never looks back. It just looks forward.

To the next Man.

The next Cock.

The next Load.

The next opportunity to serve.

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