As Alphas, we have high standards and we want the best in life. We want to fuck the hottest pussy. We want to work the best jobs. We want the nicest toys.
If you’re a fat faggot, you’re probably thinking that this excludes you from being of use to us, but you’re wrong.

1. Be Useful

If your physical appearance is too much of a turn off for an Alpha and he has no need of you sexually, you can still provide him service. Do his laundry. Clean his home. Cook him food. There are a ton of things you can do to make yourself useful, you just need to be creative and offer yourself to him.

2. Suck Dick Like You Mean It

Fat fags are not particular about what goes in their mouth, and usually they suck cock like it’s an everlasting candy bar.

I encourage my fellow Alpha brothers to give fat fags a chance; you might be surprised how well they devour your cock and cum.

If you’re a fat fag, don’t prove me wrong here if you are given the opportunity.

3. Respect The Pity Load

Fags are a dime-a-dozen, and since we prefer the nicer things in life, this usually means we Alphas will choose a better looking fag over a fat fag.

Remember this, fat fags, when we take pity on you and give you the rare opportunity to serve our cocks.

We have plenty of other options, so act appreciative. It’s a gift when we use you, so act like it. We know that no matter how many dicks you suck, you’ll never forget taking a real Alpha’s load.

4. You Can Lose Weight And Get Healthy

If you’re a fat fag, you need to think seriously about losing weight. Morbid obesity takes a toll on the body, especially the joints, and leads to health problems. No Alpha wants a faggot that can’t catch its breath or gets tired because it doesn’t have the proper physical conditioning.

Do it for yourself so that you can serve us better.

You now know your use.

Failure to try is trying to fail.
No excuses.

This Alpha has spoken.

Comment below, fags.


  • FatAssVegasFag

    As a cheating faggot whore with no self-esteem who has a handful of Men to serve, I never cared about myself enough to work on my body. But I recently met a Man — who is 20! — who wants me to be his slave, even if on a part-time, whenever-we-can basis. And I promised him I would take better care of myself, because I will be a better faggot for him — and more useful to him — if I lost weight. I would advise my fellow fat faggots to do the same thing, if not for themselves then for the increased number of men they can serve if they looked better.

  • Pupmex

    This article is full of wisdom Sir, thank You very much for teaching this fat fag this important lesson.

  • fun0of0l1m

    All faggots – those, who work on their slave bodies properly – those, who are just a little bit out of shape and those, who gained already too much body fat – should read this reminder. Thanks for your advice, @alphausn! Maybe faggots should start a blog or a group for some fitness action. A faggot has to work its body, to create itself as an image of Masters. “Do it for yourself so that you can serve us better.” I should start to recite this daily from now on.

  • Faggotpigslut

    It feels conflicted about this. Getting degraded for being a fat little piggy is a powerful method for alphas to bring out in it a desperation to please and disregard for itself. Most alphas will still fuck a piggy if its young and devoted to quality cockworship. Being in shape gives it too much self worth- nobody likes a whiny picky faggot.

  • silverfag72

    These are wise words. i am heavier than i should be and it can sometimes make it harder to find MEN to serve and being over 40 doesn’t help either. i am definitely very grateful to any MAN who is generous enough to make use of me and always work extra hard to make HIM feel good, which is my purpose after all…

  • CumFilledFaggot

    I feel like more of a faggot when I am in better shape and could be picky but I don’t care.
    Cumdumps don’t care.

  • FatFaggotBitch

    This fat piggy, has never had trouble getting Alpha Males to Fuck its fat fleshy pussy, It has a big thick ass, and it practices pussy training with kegels to tighten its hole. This faggot has been told my multiple Alphas its pussy is “so fucking tight” “feels amazing” and Black Alphas seem to really love this faggots big booty, This faggot gets head down ass up, legs spread, prelubes his clean cunt and has let an alpha walk into its apartment and use its hole, blindfolded, The alpha Shot his Alpha Cum into my pussy and just walked away. So humiliating, feels so amazing, listening to a real man, thrust and fuck its bitch ass while it can’t see who it is. The groaning, heaving breathing, the verbal, “yeah are you my fukin bitch” Your hole is so tight” then the rut, as It feels that warm, steamy, cum being shot deep inside its faggot pussy. Nothing better in life that that moment. If your a fat faggot piggy, Just be completely devoted to A real mans pleasure and devoted to cock and you will please many alpha Males.

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