Here are the site rules. Read them and don’t fucking break them or I will ban you.

  • Don’t spam, troll, share, solicit, or discuss anything illegal. That includes drugs, prostitution, bestiality, blackmail, and anything to do with minors.
  • No sharing of personal information, such as IDs, addresses, or phone numbers.
  • No images of scat. No images of blood or gore. No images of needles. Prob gonna ban blown out/wrecked cunts too. You disgusting fag fucks.
  • The following words are now forbidden. “Rape,” “hypno,” and “brainwash.” More forbidden words are prob coming too. Don’t blame Me, fuckers. See My Post.
  • Don’t act like a fucking Tweeker. What you do in your own life is no concern of Mine, but I hate fuckers that ramble on in ALL CAPS about “ParTying.”
  • Men are expected to show respect to each other. Save your disrespect for the fags.
  • Fags are expected to show respect to Alphas and at least courtesy to other fags. This isn’t the place for faggy drama.
  • Men are welcomed and encouraged to mock, demean, humiliate, insult, and otherwise enjoy, the faggots here except in ONE way: You may NOT solicit or demand Tribute from them. I reserve that right to Myself Alone. It’s My site. That’s fair.
  • Be a groveling faggot, a slavish faggot, a slutty faggot, an obedient faggot, and a high-Tributing faggot … but don’t fucking DARE become a clingy faggot. Hate that shit.
  • If you’re crazy, go somewhere else. I’m not your fucking shrink and I’m not here to make you feel better about being a lowlife faggot. My site is for fags that LOVE being lowlife faggots.
  • Sharing images on the activity stream and in groups is encouraged, but do not mass post images, especially in a short period of time.
  • No fucking politics. Especially bullshit “queer,” trans, or other identity politics.
  • Know that I can, and will, kick anyone out that breaks these rules. Or even if you just piss Me off. So don’t.

Also read the Terms Of Service for all the legal shit and rules.