7 Reasons Why Gloryhole Sex Is Best

If you haven’t trying having sex through a Gloryhole here, you don’t know what you’re missing. Whether the action is Cocksucking or Barebacking, Gloryhole Sex is best! Here’s why. Gloryhole Sex Is Totally Anonymous Totally anonymous sex is SO hot, right? Never knowing the guy’s name, and taking his Load no questions asked. Well Gloryholes […]

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RandoFag37 writes: Dear Master, I read somewhere that you said there’s such a thing as Straight faggots. Straight faggots?!?! I’m just a dumb faggot but I don’t understand. Can you explain? Your’s Obediently, – RandoFag37 Inferior loser fag whore RandoFag37, The first thing to understand is that faggotry is NOT necessarily always about sexual orientation. […]

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Some faggots “pass” as Real Men through the day. They’ve fooled their girlfriends, their buddies, and even try to fool themselves. But in the end, it’s all in vain. Like every other kind of faggot they NEED Cock. They NEED Cum. They want to be fucked and used like the sluts, holes, and Cumdumpsters they […]

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