It’s your lucky day you fucking whores. I’m now offering slutty tee shirts for faggots at MastersDungeon.store.

These are FagMaster exclusives, sluts. You won’t find them anywhere else.

I’m starting with 3 prototypes and will be adding more gradually. This is the first run so stock is limited. So BUY ONE NOW, whores.


Just for he hell of it, I’m awarding the first 5 fags that post a pic of themselves wearing one of My shirts in the Stupid Faggots Group one free month of Elect access here on FagMaster.com.


Faggots outside of the US and Canada may want to hold off. I’m looking for a way to have my shirts produced in Europe and maybe also Australia, for quicker delivery to you non-American whores. You can still order now, but expect it to take a long while to get there because of Covid.

2 thoughts on “TEES FOR FAGGOTS

  • Cumsumer

    Im a
    Cum dumpster .
    Would be a great one

  • matfag

    Australian faggot here thanking Fagmaster for helping me change my life and become a true faggot like I am supposed to be.
    Love these tshirts

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