Piss on the faggot.

Order the faggot to open wide and flood its urinal-mouth with warm and golden streams.

Laugh the faggot to scorn while you drench it, mock it, demean it.

Faggots thirst for Man-Piss, yes.

But it’s more than just the Piss the faggot thirsts for.

It’s the Degradation and Humiliation.

Faggots thirst for reminders of their natural inferiority to Real Men.

And Real Men are more than happy to oblige them in this perverse craving to be treated like subhuman urinals …

Especially after a few Beers.

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  1. I haven’t had a Real Man piss on me yet. I used to think it was gross but now I want it. I need to be reminded that my place is beneath Real Men. I will be an honor to accept an Alpha’s piss.

  2. faggot fuckholes like to be pissed on by a superior male when hes done using them to satisfy his cock, its deeply satisfying to them to know they have been used and treated like shit by a real man

  3. I’ve been drinking piss for a while now, but I never felt as good as I did the first time a man just hosed me down. It was at night in a park, and the degradation was so much hotter than it is when I drink piss. He pissed in my hair, pissed up and down, pissed on my clit; it was awesome. When he was done I would have done ANYTHING for him. (OK, I would have anyway, but it made me want to worship him that much more, if that’s possible. It added a sense of urgency.) Knowing a man knows he can do that to me was the hottest feeling in the world. So drink up, fellow fags, but I hope you also get to enjoy an old-fashioned golden shower, too.

  4. I do not like the taste of piss and I’ve been drinking it for years. I do not like the smell of piss and I’ve been “wearing” it for years. I LOVE, CRAVE and NEED the humiliation and degradation of piss. I will never turn down the chance to drink it, the chance to be gagged with piss soaked underpants and the chance to go home wearing my piss soaked a-shirt and briefs or jockstrap.

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