Tips For Fags: How To Approach An Alpha When In Public, At Work, The Gym, Or The Bar

What do you do when you see an Alpha you’d love to serve, faggot? Always be respectful, be submissive, and read the room so you aren’t coming across as some creep.

Also, never approach him in “fag mode” when he is around others.
With that out of the way, here are 4 locations where you can present yourself to an Alpha:

1. At The Gym

Approaching an Alpha at the gym is fine, but if he’s mid set or has his headphones on, do not approach him. Wait until he has finished his set and removed his headphones before approaching.

Things you can do to present yourself include: offering to fill up his water bottle, offering to wipe down his equipment when he is done, offering to get him a clean workout towel, offer to re-rack his weights, offering to buy him a protein drink or bar for when he is done.

2. At Work

When the Alpha has space and is not obviously occupied with work, you may approach him. Pay attention to what he eats, drinks, and snacks on throughout the day.

For example, bring him his favorite snacks and say that he hopes he enjoys them as much as you enjoyed getting them for him.

Don’t be creepy and don’t do anything that would violate your company’s sexual harassment policy. You’re trying to serve, not get fired.

3. In A Bar/Club

Never buy an Alpha a drink and bring it to him. Instead, when he’s ordering his drink(s), pay for his drink(s) and offer to cover his tab all night.

If he declines, leave him alone. He wants to enjoy his evening without worrying about some creepy faggot who won’t take “no” for an answer.

If he accepts, be prepared for him to hit your wallet hard with drinks for himself and his friends. It’s more important that he has a good night than you worry about being broke.

If he gets wasted, pay for his cab/Uber home.

4. In Public spaces

Public spaces (grocery stores, malls, etc.) can be difficult since there are a lot of other people around. You can offer to pay for his stuff if he’s near you at the register. You can ask him for help or advice when shopping.

Be discrete, be polite, and be respectful

If he is around someone that might be his wife, girlfriend, children, DO NOT approach.

I sometimes advise fags to make a set of business cards with their phone number and specific set of services they provide on it. Make sure your card clearly states that this is not offered in exchange for money. You can hand it to the Alpha and walk away, leaving them to decide what they want to do.

You now know your use.
Failure to try is trying to fail.
No excuses.

This Alpha has spoken.

Comment below, fags.

20 thoughts on “Tips For Fags: How To Approach An Alpha When In Public, At Work, The Gym, Or The Bar

  • @Object

    What should the business card say?
    How to protect yourself from being beaten up?

    • AlphaUSN

      depends on how ballsy you want to be.
      if you’re concerned about it being too obvious, you could have what one of my fags had:
      “full service for elite Alpha men” with a phone number.
      then if they are hostile or confrontational, you can just say that you offer domestic services, driving services, etc. you don’t have to make it overtly sexual.

    • putoBeanerFag

      Well, the attempt is being made. Also, beating a faggot for fun is another MALE pleasure for which we exist.

      • @Object

        I am strongly against physical violence as it is one of those things that can cause serious long-term damage to a body along with the potential for huge medical bills.

        Perhaps if the Alpha wants to assume responsibility for the expense of physically beating another but that is another story

        • queery

          Couldn’t agree more, brother. Grievous bodily harm, as they say, is not something I think any level of faggotry can justify. How are we to be good servants if we are incapacitated or otherwise affected?

          • @Object

            Long ago I knew a man named Daniel and he was in a committed relationship. At that time gay men did not have long-term committed relationships. We are talking from 1989 to 1990. I really liked him. I moved away for many years but never forgot him. When I moved back I tried to find him but struck out. I kept asking about Daniel and finally found out what happened. Daniel’s partner was abusive and would often physically assault him. Yes, Spousal abuse occurs in the gay community. After One session of abuse Daniel ended up in the hospital where he found out he was HIV positive and six months later he passed away. So every since finding out I’m very sensitive over the topic of abuse. The irony given my handle name

  • subman4242

    I was in a hardware store and watch this alpha, taking care of his business. In my head I wanted to drop to my knees and be his errand fag. Since it was a public place I made sure when he past. I bowed my head and lower my eyes. I could feel he noticed. I checked out, went to my car he walked by and called me a faggot. I said yes sir. Wife came out to join him. I wish I had a card..I think of his power almost every day. -faggot

    • AlphaUSN

      perfect example of why a card would have been useful.
      this is why i say it should be discrete, because if his wife had seen it, it needs to be believable that it’s for something other than you offering sexual services.

  • subman4242

    Yes Sir. I see your recommendation would have been the best way for faggot to present my service to that aApha. Thank you Sir

  • fire9184

    faggots, if you want a personalized card, contact me, each design costs 5 dll, every penny will go to the fagmaster page as an offering

  • FagJay11

    I love the idea of a card. Often i see alpha men and apart from lowering my head, i am at a loss of how to serve them in a public space.

    I would probably make a card that says “service for men” with my number and the types of service i provide (domestic,financial,etc)

  • mickeygrey

    This faggot lives in a California sanctuary city that is 80% Latino. There are many Latino alphas in my town. I am fortunate enough to now be serving a wonderful Latino alpha male, but prior to him I would frequent our local big box hardware store. Sometimes I would go just to wander through the aisles and get close enough to alphas to take in their scent. It was heavenly.
    The one thing I always did when I went there was to wear a woman’s thong under my jeans. When I had the opportunity I would bend over in front of an alpha so that he could see my thong rising above my waistline. I would then go out front and just wait. Over the period of a year it worked maybe 3 times.
    A few times an alpha that had seen me in the store would come out with a friend and as they passed they would say in Spanish that I was a faggot and laugh out loud. Being a white guy maybe they thought I didn’t understand them. Just being laughed at and being called a faggot by a couple of Latino alphas was well worth the trip.

    • Alice

      Hihihi i have used thobgs and panties all my life

  • Wormwoodab

    This sounds so hot.
    This faggot loves Latin men

  • @Object

    You can have a business card created almost anyplace and I can recommend a place online if anyone interested.

    I would recommend a phone number and a name, the name could be made up which would be your clue as to what it’s about. An example of a great made-up name would be

    Frank Arnold Gomez or Frank A Gomez or F. A. Gomez

    if the Alpha has to show it to a spouse it looks innocent but a true Alpha will understand

  • socksfagboy

    Very good advices and ideas Sir. Thank You Sir

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