“Do you want to please me?” Of course the correct answer from a faggot slave is, “Yes, Master.”

The faggot has watched too much tame porn to understand what that really means.

But it will learn.

It will learn to serve Master’s Cock. Drink Master’s Cum. Its cunt will be brutalized and flooded with Master’s CUM. But it will learn even more than this …

So much more …

It will learn to serve any and every man Master commands it to serve as well.

It will spend days on its knees sucking countless Cocks at Gloryholes, per Sir’s command.

It will be tied up and blindfolded while Master brings over a dozen Men to Bareback its cunt over and over and over again.

Master will make it drink the Cum from found condoms.

Master will slut it out to random strangers.

Master will piss on it and in it.

Master will abuse, humiliate, demean, degrade, expose, and exploit it.

Until, at last, the faggot is COMPLETELY BROKEN and reborn as a TRUE SLAVE.

Because THAT’S what pleases Master.

When His Slut Slave learns to be nothing more than a Slut. Nothing more than a slave.

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