A faggot can never satisfy its thirst for Man-Cum.

The more Cum it tastes, swallows, or gets fucked into its cunt … the more Cum it needs.

Soon the need for Seed becomes all-consuming for the faggot.

The faggot becomes a true Cumjunkie, and its entire life becomes consumed with the hunt for that most cherished drug it can no longer live without: CUM.

Speaking of Cumjunkies, check this out. Should be  mandatory in every faggot’s video library.

3 thoughts on “TRUE FAG ADDICTION

  1. I definitely have an uncontrollable cum addiction. I get lost in the feeling of a cock pumping in and out of my mouth. I do everything to caress the head and shaft with my tongue lips and throat. It’s all to desperately coax the most cum from a true mans balls. When I feel the delivery tube swell and pump that thick goo, I loose it. I get drunk on it. I don’t spill a drop. I love licking it off his fingers and sucking every drop until he goes soft in my mouth. Then I instantly want the next.

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