Update for your lowlife faggots.

One: You all should be able to use the live messenger and site email now. If there are issues notify Me in the Ask Master forum. 

Two: A faggot slave I had set up the lessons inadvertently restricted some of the Course One lessons to Elect Minions. It should be fixed now. All those lessons are free to all faggots. But NOT the quizzes. Those, and all other Courses, will continue to be restricted to Elect minions.

Three: I have added an IM chat feature to the site, that all faggots can use. Located in the lower right of your screen. This is separate from the live messenger which you can find in your profile.

Four: I’ve added a Tribute Button on the right column of the site. Now you cunt’s have no excuse not to Tribute to Me. Do it whores. 


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