An important but sometimes neglected faggot function is to serve as subhuman urinals for Real Men to piss on and in.  It doesn’t matter if you want to or don’t want to. Many Alpha’s will expect this of you, and as an inferior faggot you have no say in the matter.

You WILL get on your knees and open wide as the Alpha (or Alphas) piss all over your faggot face, in your faggot mouth, and down your faggot throat.

You WILL serve as a subhuman faggot urinal.


All lowlife faggots will benefit from reading this post, and should read this post. You should also listen to My Urinal Faggot Audio Mind-fuck to condition yourself to total urinal faggot servitude. However, I’m mainly directing this post to My fellow Alphas. Specifically, those of you who many not use faggots as urinals often or at all. I want to encourage you to change that, and begin pissing on and in faggots as a standard practice.

There are many good reasons for doing so. Here are just a few …


IMAGINE THIS SCENE: The faggot kneels in a pool of stale piss, chained to a toilet. Its mouth is open or–better still–it wears a piss funnel gag.

You enter, unzip, pull out your Cock, piss into the faggot urinal mouth. Instead of the sound of a flush, the sound of gulping as the faggot drinks down every last salty drop of your golden Man-Piss.

You leave. Then another Man enters and pisses into the urinal faggot.

Then another.

Then another.

No words are spoken to the faggot urinal. Men don’t speak to urinals, after all. They just use them.

The urinal faggot contemplates its state. How lowly a creature it truly is to allow itself to be used in this way. If it had any self-respect it would resist being made into a urinal faggot.

But it has no self-respect. And it does not resist.

In fact, it welcomes the piss in its mouth. It thirsts for it. No, if it ever had self-respect or pride, these have been washed away by all the piss that has flowed into it. It realizes that it is indeed nothing but a faggot, and it always will be. It accepts its lot in life to be humiliated and used by its Superiors. And it becomes grateful for the mere chance to be in some way useful to Real Men.

In being used as a subhuman faggot urinal it finds purpose and meaning. And …

It’s humiliation is total.


Pissing on or into a faggot awakens something primal in both the urinal faggot and the Man who is pissing. It is a kind of territory marking and clear statement of dominance and submission.

When one-on-one it tells the urinal faggot, “You belong to Me right now, bitch. Don’t forget it.”

When a group of Men are using the faggot as a urinal the message is just as important and just as true: “We are ALL superior to you, faggot. You belong to ALL of us. Never forget that.”

As the faggot feels streams of warm Man-piss wash over it and down its throat it knows these words are absolutely true.

It is marked.

It is a faggot.

It can be nothing else.


This relates to what I wrote in My post, Uses For Unfuckably Ugly Faggots. Faggots that are un-fuckably ugly still have uses, and being turned into subhuman faggot urinals is one of them. Faggots that are too ugly to fuck are so pitiful and pathetic that they become infinitely grateful when degrades them by pissing on them or down their toilet faggot throats.

When you grant these low-life fags Pity Piss, they greedily guzzle it down because they are so happy to be of any use at all to a Real Man. Of course you don’t want to let the urinal faggot confuse your pity for actual kindness, so your pity piss should have an especially cruel and abusive edge to it. Treat the urinal faggot as the kind of urinal you’d find in the nastiest, filthiest, public restrooms. Make sure that part of your stream “misses the toilet” … the faggot’s mouth … and gets all over the faggot’s face, and the floor. Make the urinal faggot lap the spilled piss up off the floor. Spit into the urinal faggot’s mouth. Blow snot wads into it. Treat it with the contempt it deserves.


Urinal faggots can be convenient. Put the faggot in the bathroom tub. Order the faggot to wait there. When you need to piss, piss in the faggot’s mouth or all over its inferior body. Simple and effective.

This multi-purposing of a faggot as a urinal is especially convenient when you have buddies over to drink beers and watch the game. Lots of beer means Lots of piss, and everyone rushing to the bathroom during commercials. With a faggot urinal at the ready, there’s no line and no waiting for the toilet. Everyone can line up and piss on and in the faggot at once. Quick and efficient.

Then, after the day is done you order the urinal faggot to clean the bathroom. Lap up all the piss on the floor (if you didn’t put it in the bathtub), lick the actual toilet spotless, etc. Urinal faggots are self-cleaning.


Do you need any other reason for making a faggot serve as your urinal faggot than this? Because you CAN. You are a Real Man, an Alpha. The faggot is merely a faggot. To be used as you see fit. To humiliate, degrade, demean. Yes, to piss on and to piss in.

Making faggots serve as subhuman urinals is, quite simply, a great way to exercise your Power and demonstrate your natural superiority over the inferior faggot garbage.  And … it’s entertaining.

So piss on the faggots. Piss in the faggots. Make them into the subhuman urinal faggots they are meant to be and desperately long to be. After all, a Man’s piss should never go to waste if there’s a faggot around to drink it.


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