The primary (though not exclusive) use of a faggot is fucking it.

Fucking its face.

Fucking its cunt.

Filling it with Cum.

The faggot is a pleasure object for Men to use and fill.

But some faggots are just too disgusting to fuck or even allow to suck Me off.

What then?  Is the faggot good for nothing?

Not at all.

Even the ugliest, foulest, most repugnant faggot can be made useful or make itself useful to Superior Alpha Men.

Here are a few ways I’ve put hideous un-fuckable faggots to good use …


I say often that all faggots worthy of the title must be Gloryhole whores: sucking off random Cocks, taking anonymous Loads up their cunts.

That’s a given.

But with faggots that are disgusting, it’s also their best and probably only route to enjoy servicing Cock and receiving Cum.

Gloryhole booths obscure the hideousness of these foul fags, increasing the likelihood that someone will use them as the holes they are. So even the most disgusting faggot should still frequent Gloryhole booths.

Cocks and Loads may be few and far between, but that’s still better than nothing.


Even the dirtiest, rankest, lice infested, cart-pushing homeless Man is superior to a faggot.
They are still Men. And faggots are still faggots.

Their Cocks deserve service from faggots too.

Because they are used to stench, garbage and things that make most people want to puke … homeless Men are likely to be highly tolerant of even the most disgusting of faggots.

Foul faggots can take advantage of this–and do a good community service–by regularly offering up their mouths and cunts as pleasure-holes for homeless men to fuck and Cum in.


The faggot may be too disgusting to fuck, but it may still be useful as a human toilet or faggot urinal.

If the faggot is too gross to even look at while pissing, it can be fitted with a full body rubber gimp suit with a funnel in its mouth or cunt.

Even a faggot so ugly that no Man would ever fuck it can still be used and degraded while at the same time enjoying the feeling of warm Man-piss pouring down its throat or into its guts.

This is more than the faggot deserves, so it will be very grateful for the opportunity.


Humiliation, abuse, and degradation are part and parcel for all faggot training.

For too-gross-to-fuck faggots it can become much more. Their own uselessness as fuck-objects is transformed–through humiliation, etc.–into a new kind of usefulness. I force them to emphasize their sexual uselessness through humiliating acts, pics, videos and so on. This fills the faggots with a combination of self-loathing and joy.

Self-loathing for the obvious reason: they are uniquely loathsome.

But joy … because I am paying them some attention and giving them a good reason to wake up every morning: to entertain Me.

To dance to My cruel tune, like humiliated little faggot peasants before their King.


This is one of My favorites. Ugly, old, fat, or otherwise gross faggots live pitiful, sexually starved little lives and are so desperate for any attention from a Real Man that they consider it a great privilege and honor to spit out wads of cash to Me, like subhuman ATMS.

They are correct. It IS a great privilege and honor to be exploited as My personal subhuman ATMs.

Milking pathetic cash-cow bitches of their money, draining their bank accounts, maxing out their credit cards, squandering their savings … I’m happy to do this to almost any faggot.

But with the washed up, gross, extra-pathetic, un-fuckable faggots even more so.

This is because their physical and mental wretchedness is so acute, and they know it. They know that they are faggots but pained by the fact that few Real Men are willing to use their hideous bodies as fuck-holes and Cumdumpsters.

These retched faggots rejoice at the chance to grovel like pigs at My feet, begging Me for the privilege of allowing them to give Me money. When they do so, their meager lives again find meaning because they have at last found a way to submit to and serve a Superior Alpha Man … like every faggot should.


These are just some ways I have used faggots that are too disgusting to fuck. Call Me a faggot-conservationist, if you like, but I generally don’t throw faggots away as soon as they have proven themselves useless in their primary function: being fuck-holes.

I look for ways to creatively recycle and re-purpose the faggot bitches. In doing so I’ve found that in many instances the sheer desperation of these the un-fuckable and pathetic creatures makes them even MORE useful than the average, fuckable, faggot.

They try harder.

They grovel more.

They submit more completely.

They worship Master more truly.

Their gratitude towards Me is so intense and immense for the very fact that–when no one else would or could–The Master actually found a way to make them useful again. To make them–however un-fuckably disgusting–faggots once again.

Join TIMSUCK, faggots. I command it.

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