Every faggot must experience this scene.

Waiting at home (or a motel) bent over, face down, door cracked open, ass exposed, cunt ready.

Online ads posted inviting any Man who wants to use the faggot to come over and fuck a Load into it.

One after another, Men show up, find the waiting faggot with its face buried in a pillow.

The Man slides His Cock into the faggot’s Cunt, pumps a Load in, leaves.

Each uses the bitch like the Cumdumpster whore that it is.

The faggot never sees their faces.

It doesn’t need to. It doesn’t deserve to.

It’s no longer a “person” … it’s an object there simply to be used, fucked, filled and thrown away.

10 thoughts on “WHAT THE FAG CAN’T SEE

  • Cumsumer

    Love it, strangers are the best, the cum and not knowing who’s it is, amazing!! Same for GHs

  • Subhumanfucktoy

    I love being anonymous used, waiting ass up, wearing a blindfolded gimp mask, no idea what the man looks like, only thing i know is how he likes to fuck, how he sounds when enjoying himself and a rough idea of what size cock he has. Suck his dick clean and wait ass up for the next man

  • @crisscobbfag

    uwielbiam anonim sex

  • botmslut

    Ity’s the best, Sirs. I never know what the guy looks like, weighs, Anything. My imagination can run wild. I i know i am being used by Hot Alpha, Sir

  • UglyPet55

    It doesn’t know how many Real Men are waiting to use It’s hole.

    And it will never know until the last one is done.

    It simply needs to endure as the hole that It truly is and be thankful to be of service.

  • @Object

    Sign me up

  • Seabot

    It doesn’t matter what this faggot sees. What is important is that this faggot is seen performing its duty: servicing real men like they deserve. It is excited by the fact that a man it passes on the street may have seen its holes filled with Alpha cock, leaving them filled with the cum and piss of real men while its useless clit is locked in a cage. What this worthless slut does miss in this situation is seeing the looks of contempt and derision on the faces as they help it fulfill its destiny.

  • @Object

    Find a seedy bondage bar with a sling in the backroom put me in it with a hood with piss funnel and gag on then let the Alpha’s spank and pound away.


  • babyeddie71

    I have done it many times. Spandex hood over my head and a post on grinder with all info. hotel name as well as room number. Not to mention begging the men to leave the door cracked open even while they are breeding my hole, so others can walk in and join in.

  • kinkybird

    it is exacly what i want to be. brainless fuck toy. less brain – better for me. I want to be just more and more stupid

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