As a faggot Cum is the ultimate reward for your efforts in serving Men. It is Our gift to you for a (blow)job well done, or for bending over and taking a brutal Bareback pounding up your cunt like an obedient, anonymous fuck-whore.

Not that you deserve a reward for simply being the pleasure holes that you’re meant to be. But it is a reward to fags just the same.

As We feed you Cum—flooding your faggot mouths, throats, and cunts with it—you soon become addicted to it.

You crave it.

You need more and more Cum inside of you to feel complete.

This is good, because it drives you to become even more of a slut and a better faggot. Serving more and more Real Men like a wanton whore.

But what is it about Cum that compels faggots to become wanton whores? Is it chemical? Is it some kind of magic?


But one thing at least is certain, and universal. What Cum symbolizes and represents to the faggot. Deeply. Psychologically.

Cum is a Man’s very DNA.

It is His Essence. His Virility. His Potency. A kind of elixir of Masculine Power.

In other words, it embodies everything that a faggot lacks, and everything a faggot desires.

In being un-men, faggots are weak, empty vessels. When Our Cum fills the faggot and then absorbs into its inferior whore body, the faggot vicariously, temporarily, experiences Our Power.

So serve well, faggots.

Serve your Superiors, Real Men.

Serve your god, Cock.

And, if you are worthy, you will be rewarded with a taste of our very essence and power: CUM.

If you’re a REAL Cumwhore faggot you better join TIM now, sluts.

12 thoughts on “WHY FAGS CRAVE CUM

  1. Cum is an important part of a faggot’s diet. It is necessary to help keep a faggot’s strength up so it can continue to serve Superior Alphas. Without it, a faggot will stop being of any use to Men and wither away into oblivion.

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